Thursday, June 17, 2010

To my Pregnant Divas... PLEASE be careful this summer!

It's finally summer time... Everyone has been waiting for some well deserved va-cay time.
Some will be going to the beach, some camping in the mountains.. some to the awesome cabanas in Mexico with the swim up bars *coughtGina&MaryBcough*

Whatever you plan to do this summer.. have fun by all means. BUT if you're pregnant...  you may want to reconsider your trip.. especially if it's farther than an hour away.

Our niece Desiree, some of you know and have dealt with her when we had Paypal yet.. is 31 weeks pregnant.
She was taken to the hospital via ambulance last night around 9pm because she's been having horrible leg pain (and swelling) She first went to the ER on Tuesday morning, but they sent her home and told her the baby was laying on her sciatic nerve... Well, she went back yesterday morning and was there all day... then we get the call around 8:30pm that we need to go over there to pick up Steve (her partner) to take him to Allentown (bigger hospital) because they are sending her down via ambulance to another hospital and he can't ride along. She went on to tell us that the swelling and pain in her leg was due to a huuuuugh blood clot. But, not just ANY blood clot, but a "bunch" (more than 60) of blood clots that have formed a huge mass in her leg and has now traveled up  her thigh.  It's so big that they can't see the whole thing on an ultrasound. They can see where it begins, but they can't see where it ends.

As of tonight she (and the baby) are stable, but she's in a ton of pain. She's on some pretty heft pain killers that should have knocked her out, but she's still wide away screaming in pain and obviously extremely scared (she's only 19) We have no idea WHAT is gonna happen :(
They've given her some Heparin.. I read online that it'll dissolve the clot, but the doctor said it will not, it'll only keep new ones from forming, I guess the game plan is to just monitor her, monitor the baby and make sure this clot doesn't break apart and travel up to her heart or lungs... and if it does, they're gonna hurry up and take the baby and then work on the clot/s.

The moral of the story is....  The doctor is suspecting that the clot/s formed last week when she was sitting in a car for 4 + hours when she was on her way to the beach with her friends in Maryland.
I never once considered that or even thought anything of it at the time...
It's strongly advised that pregos do NOT fly or sit for long car rides because of the possibility of a blood clot forming. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reschedule your vacations.. or maybe book one closer to home.
I hope to God nobody else ever has to go thru this. I'm scared to the point that I'm sick.. I couldn't imagine what a 19 year old (prego with her first baby) must feel like... in the hospital knowing that at any second this could kill her and/or her baby... and there's absolutely NOTHING they can do. The doctor said her body might fight it.. I can see maybe if it were ONE clot.. but not a huge mass that can't even be detected in it's entirety on an ultrasound because it's so huge!
What's even worse is there is absolutely NOTHING we can do but wait and hope that the clots don't move... or the baby hurries his lil butt up and matures so they can get him out and get this taken care of.

So, once again... please! Be extremely careful.. stop every half hour- hour and walk a little.. or massage your legs.. something! Don't let this happen to you!


Desi is home! She still has the massive clot and is still having a hard time getting around, but she's being monitored and on Heparin 3x a day. She only has a couple weeks left so hopefully they'll fly by.

Thank you for all the prayers!

Here she is visiting with BB the weekend before she left.


Mary said...

omg :( Is there anything we can do? I could donate some money if it will do any good. I hope to god she and the baby will pull through this, what a horrible thing to go through :(

I didn't know that would cause bloodcots. I went on a 12 hour car trip both ways when I was about 30 weeks pregnant. My feet got swollen really badly though! It's not really good to walk alot or go during extreme heat anyways, my sister in law gave birth early because she walked around disney land for 10 hours, and it made her go into labor.

by BB*Jayde said...

You're too sweet Mary.
I don't think any amount of money could help her :(
She needs a miracle. From what I'm hearing.. the doctors might let her come home and just have her inject herself with blood thinners every day. I don't see HOW they can release her with an enormous mass of blood clots in her thigh. But, the nurse made the comment the other night that she got the last bed.. and that hospital is notorious for releasing too early. They released BB after she dropped a full pound and 3 oz in 2 days and before her liver was functioning properly and the next day she was as yellow as a banana and ended up back in the hospital.

Ya know.. I was always one of those people who were against walking because I had all mine in the 34-36 week range. So, I wouldn't move after 20 weeks.
I remembered hearing last year (when I was pregnant with BB) that we were supposed to avoid flying because of this risk of blood clots (had a friends on my ivillage expecting club who had to fly and was paranoid) and I was thinking to myself.. omg if they're worried about her sitting for 3 hours on a plane, then I'm doomed since I pretty much didn't move off the sofa for the latter half of my pregnancy. I guess some people are prone to them (it runs in her side of the family.. Chad's mom said that's what killed his grandmother) and it depends on what's going on inside your body.
I had to be induced because I had Cholestasis with BB. Meaning that my gall bladder got sluggish because of the extra estrogen in my body and it was causing the bile ducts to back up and leak bile into my blood. I had never heard of it before but the insane itching, amongst other things were what clued the doctor in. The doctor is supposed to induce after the first sign of that (after 36 wks) and I seriously had NO idea. And what kills me is the whole time I'm thinking that I'm "seasoned" 'cause it was my 4th time... and the second I found out what was wrong,it knocked me off my pedestal and I was scared beyond belief. Not for me, because I would've been ok.. but the baby's risk of being stillborn was up to 75%,
I couldn't imagine being in Desi's situation where not only could one of those clots make it's way to the placenta and harm the baby, but it could also kill her. My eyes are tearing up even typing that.
I just hope they don't do anything stupid and release her. She can't even get out of bed or walk or anything. They won't even let her go to the bathroom. I can't see how she's gonna get around at home.

Gina said...

Oh noo! Poor Desi! Poor little baby! Everything is gonna be fine, I know it. My baby girl was almost born at 22 weeks last year. I was able to keep her until 36 weeks (with a few more visits in between for magnesium "washes" and a couple more close calls at 26 weeks and 28 weeks such). At one point they thought I had a blood clot too, got some heparin as well. It was super scary. I'm sure she has been getting the steroid shots to help his little lungs mature too. That will help a TON! At 31 weeks, every day counts, so rest assured, every day he gets closer to 34 weeks is good. My dear friend had her twins at 24 weeks. They are super amazing normal 7 year olds today. :) I know this isn't helping much, but if this hospital doesn't want to keep her due to needing the "beds", I'd consider a second opinion and another hospital. It is sooooo worth it. NEVER be afraid to get a second opinion! In fact, she may want to have a specialist look at her as well. :) sending mucho love her in the troops!

by BB*Jayde said...

Thanks Gina! That really helps.
I can't wrap my mind around them wanting to leave her go... that's a good idea to have a back up plan.
We found out today that the clot mass starts about 4 inches above her knee and goes all the way across her groin area and up the left side of her body and across her chest. I can't even wrap my mind around THAT. I wish there was some kind of warning so this sort of thing could be prevented in the future.

Anonymous said...

That is so horrible... I hope Desiree and her baby make it through this terrifying situation. You're all in my thoughts... *hugs*


Anonymous said...

Keeping her in my prayers...

will pray for a miracle.

by BB*Jayde said...

Thank you everyone!
Desi is now home. She still has the massive clot.. but apparently the doctors felt comfortable enough to let her come home. She takes a heparin shot 3x a day.. and so far so good. She has a hard time moving around because her leg is so swollen... but she isn't allowed to sit or lay for extended periods for fear that more clots will form.
She only has a couple weeks to go.. so hopefully they'll fly!