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The Everyday Diva Fragrance Guide

Overwhelmed at the looooong list of scent to choose from? Not sure which ones you'd like.. or maybe you're sensitive to fragrance and are afraid of having a reaction?
I'll break it down for you :)

Current list of available scents
♥ Amazing Grace* (Philosophy Fragrance Oil)
♥ Aloe & Green Tea
♥ Apricot & Chamomile
♥ Baby Scent
♥ Baby Buttermilk (Burt's Bees - vanilla, peach, violet)
♥ Bay Rum (Smells like Old Spice)
♥ Blush Blossoms- (DKNY Fresh Blossoms Type Fragrance Oil)
♥ Bergamot Coriander
♥ Black Amber Musk
♥ Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy* ( Fragrance Oil )
♥ Chamomile
♥ Chamomile & Neroli
♥ Chocolate Indulgence
♥ Coconut Lime Verbena
♥ Cool Water* ( Men's Fragrance Oil)
♥ Coconut Cream
♥ Cucumber Melon
♥ Drakkar Noir (Men's Fragrance Oil)
♥ Enchanted Orchid
♥ Fresh Bamboo
♥ Fresh Ginger Lime
♥ Fresh Lavender
♥ Forbidden Indulgence (exotic fruits & florals)
♥ Grapefruit Citrus
♥ Honey Almond
♥ Hawaiian Tropic
♥ Juicy Watermelon 
♥ Lime Cooler 
♥ Lemon Sugar
♥ Lemongrass Sage
♥ Lovespell* (Victoria's Secret Fragrance Oil)
♥ Madagascar (Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Essential oils)
♥ Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
♥ Orange Cinnamon Clove
♥ Pink Hibiscus 
♥ Pomegranate Sage
♥ Raspberry Lemonade
♥ Sandalwood Rose
♥ Strawberry Patch
♥ Sweet Pea
♥ Strawberries & Champagne
♥ Chocolate Cherries
♥ Patchouli 
♥ Vanilla
♥ Vanilla Pear
♥ Sea Island Cotton
♥ Cinnamon & Clove Buds
♥ Apple Jack & Orange Peel
♥ Appleberry Spice
♥ Blueberry Cobbler
♥ Candy Kisses (smells like candy..?)
♥ Spiced Pear
♥ Jamaican Sunset
♥ Fresh Lilac
♥ White Tea & Ginger
♥ Rosemary Mint
♥ Pina Colada
♥ Peony
♥ Rice Flower & Shea* (BBW Fragrance Oil - Reminds me of a sweeter version of Baby Buttermilk)
♥ Tahitian Tiare (exotic gardenia type of scent)
♥ Stress Relief (essences of: lavender, clary sage, juniperberry, laurel leaf, coriander, mandarin, amber, sandalwood, jasmine, clove) 

♥ Bergamot
♥ Jasmine
♥ Peach Blossom
♥ Plumeria
♥ Mandarin
♥ Mother Earth (spicy incense type scent)
♥ Oak Moss
♥ Orange Blossom
♥ Tangerine
♥ Waterlilly Jasmine
♥ Vanilla Lavender
♥ Honeysuckle
♥ Tahiti Tropic (mango & papaya)
♥ Peppermint
♥ Nag Champa 
♥ Atlantis (a "blue" ocean-ey/Caribean type scent"
♥ Euphoria (Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose essential oil blend)
♥ Zodiac Scents

With the exception of those marked as fragrance oils, a majority of these fragrances are naturally derived petrol & phalate free fragrance oils in a coconut oil base or they are essential oils.. These are typically safe for every skin type and are 100% natural. This doesn't mean that they may not cause a reaction to those with sensitive skin.. We'll get into that further down. Let's talk about fragrance selection.

Fragrances are usually a combo of a couple different "notes" You can view the different types and their class HERE But first, let's dissect my list of scents and categorize them. Some scents may appear in more than one category.

Perfum-ey type scents (mainly floral)
If you like one of these scents, then you will like them all

Amazing Grace 
Mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot; middle notes are freesia,
 jasmine and rose; base notes are and musk.

Blush Blossoms (DKNY Fresh Blossoms)
 Grapefruit combined with French black currant buds. 
 Peach zest, floral accords of lily of the valley, 
rose, jasmine and a hint of apple. 

Love Spell (VS)
Peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine

Pink Sugar
This is probably one of the top selling scents. I love it blended with Warm Vanilla Sugar & Coconut Cream
Bergamot, Sicilian orange and green nuance of fig leaves. 
In the heart, a thin lily of the valley note enjoys the company of liquorice blossom and red fruits. 
The gourmand drydown is composed of vanilla, caramel, woodsy and musky notes

Fresh Scents
This category has sub categories.

If you like "white or blue"  scents that are crisp and fresh 

Sea Island Cotton - LOVE this one! But, I don't recommend it for those with allergies/sensitivities or extremely sensitive skin because it may not agree with you. I've gotten a little rash every time I've used it, but then again I also went a little overboard with the scent.
Pear leaf, bloody orange, tangerine, clear floral accords, cotton aroma, a breeze of fresh air, green pear and tangerine. The heart is composed of lily-of-the-valley, orange blossom, water cyclamen, cotton blossom, freesia and jasmine, while the base contains white musk, powder, sandalwood and vanilla.

Bay Rum Fragrance Oil : ozone, jasmine, muguet, lemon and rum. Mid notes of pungent floral, lilac, rose, carnation, lavender, cedar wood and balsam. Patchouli and vanilla

Bay Rum Essential Oil: Lavender, cedar, cypress, bergamot,  balsam patchouli

White Tea & Ginger : This is more of a clean cotton scent. Notes arewhite tea blends well with clean florals and spicy ginger.

Cool Water (men's) citrus, floral and herbaceous notes. Bergamot, fresh lime, orange and lemon top notes. Middle notes consist of sage, muguet, lilac and a lingering lavender. The base notes are classic jasmine with the depth of patchouli, amber and musk.

White Water Rapids: To make this fragrance, I've blended White Tea & Sea Island Cotton. It's a zesty scent that's really fresh.. like a rush of white water.

Atlantis: This is a cross between Bay Rum and Sea Island Cotton

Fresh "Green" scents

Coconut Lime Verbena: Zesty citrus meets fresh eucalyptus and sweet coconut. Top notes of sparkling lemon, lime and grapefruit. Mid notes of jasmine, eucalyptus and a ripe peach that meld into a  coconut musk base

Bamboo: Very pretty and light, fresh scent. One of my favorites! Golden Bamboo, Night blooming Jasmine & Fresh Grasses

Aloe & Green Tea: Fresh herbal Green, melon, Floral Jasmine, Muguet, Lily
, Clover

Fresh Ginger Lime: Another one I really like! It doesn't smell anything like ginger or lime really
Citrus mix with fragrant ginger. Top notes of zesty lime, muguet, crisp apple, grape and tangy grapefruit. Floral mid notes of jasmine, rose and lilac. Ripe plum, luscious peach, ginger and a whisper of camphor. A light musk at the base 

Cucumber Melon: Everyone know this scent! It's cucumber and melon :) One of my all time favorites!

Lime Cooler: This reminds me a little if Irish Spring soap with hints of Lime
It's VERY fresh! I use this for laundry detergent and Chad's body wash/deodorant. 
Fresh floral, ozone, lime and apple. Mid notes of eucalyptus, lilac, and gardenia. Base notes of coconut, powder and vanilla

Lemongrass Sage: Another favorite of mine! You can't detect the sage in this really. I like to mix it with grapefruit!  :  A fresh clean perfectly balanced mixture of lemongrass and sage essential oils. 

Green Clover: When I hear "Green Clover" I think of "Irish Spring" soap. It's nothing like that! This is a sweet floral scent : sweet clover and dewy green grass and crisp fresh cut flowers with a hint of sheer white musk

Citrus Scents
Bergamot Coriander: This is a fresh, almost lemoney type of scent. Coriander gives it a little kick. I like to blend it with vanilla to warm it up a little. Almost all of my favorite perfumes have bergamot as a top note.

Lemon Sugar:  A blend of lemon and vanilla. Reminds me of a lemon sugar cookie

Grapefruit Citrus: This is a bitter grapefruit scent, but VERY energizing and uplifting. It blends well with Lemongrass & Sage, Bergamot Coriander, Pink Hibiscus (surprisingly) Ginger Lime and many others.

Fresh Orange: Smells like fresh squeezed Orange Juice. I like to blend it with Vanilla to make Oranges & Cream.

Mandarin: This is a warmer citrus scent. I like to blend it with madagascar vanilla and other exotic citruses


Fruity Scents
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberry Patch
Very Cherry
Juicy Watermelon
Raspberry Lemonade
Apricot - Very sweet and pretty. Love blending it with Chamomile
Fruit Punch - aka- Jungle Juice - Cherry, Strawberry, Orange & Watermelon
Pina Colada: Coconut & Pineapple
Candy Kisses- This is like a cherry or strawberry candy type scent
Also has sub categories

Group 1 - Flower Scents 
Fresh Lavender: Lavender essential oil. Not a sweet frilly type, but more of the mediciney type scent.
I just found out (from experimenting) that this blends amazingly well with the "Baby Buttermilk" scent!

Chamomile: Smells like fresh Chamomile Leaves

Chamomile & Neroli - This is a different scent. It's a little bitter. I can't quite explain it. If you like the benefits of Chamomile but not the scent, this is a wonderful alternative

Fresh Lilac
Hibiscus (not pink hibiscus) blends well with other florals
Tahitian Tiare- This is a very nice gardenia type of scent
Sandalwood Rose: Absolutely beautiful! It's very soft and romantic
Sweet Baby Scent-  More of a baby powder scent, but with rose & lavender
Sunflowers: Bergamot, Sandalwood, Peach blossom & Orange blossom

Group 2 - This is the more exotic or frou frou - girlie type scents and are among my favorites!
If you like one, you're sure to love the rest!

Enchanted Orchid -  I LOVE this! It's so exotic: An oriental floral fragrance - water lily;  violet and orchid; amber, musk and heliotrope.

Pink Hibiscus - A "bubble gum pink" type of floral fragrance. Very pretty!

Plumeria - Similar to Enchanted Orchid. This is a Bath & Body Works classic and another favorite.


Waterlily Jasmine: This is soo nice! It gives the Jasmine a little kick
Euphoria:  Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose essential oil blend. This is my current favorite and what I'm using in my personal products.

Sweet Pea -sweet pea blossom with watery pear aromas, rhubarb, violet, plum, red apple and bergamot. The heart follows with cyclamen, blue freesia, raspberry, Madonna lily and orange blossom, drying down to the base of musk, sandalwood and heliotrope


Exotic type Scents

Hawaiian Tropic: This is your typical coconutty scent, but without the annoying banana tutti fruity. One of the best sellers. It's supposed to be just like the tanning lotion.

Tahiti Tropic: Mango, Papaya and mandarin. If you've ever ordered a firming butter from me, chances are that I've used a little of this to scent it.

Pina Colada: Coconut & Pineapple

Orange Blossom & Madagascar Vanilla- Another firming butter scent. These 2 scents were meant to be blended. They're just incredible!

Tahitian Tiare: Exotic gardenia type of scent
Forbidden Fruit: Exotic fruits and florals. Tropical, but sweet and soft. 

Dessert Type Scents
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Honey Almond
Chocolate Cherries
Vanilla Butter Cream
Coconut Cream
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberries & Cream
Orange Creamsicle
Candy Kisses- Hard to explain this one.. it's like candy?

Warm scents and Spicy scents
Warm Vanilla Sugar (vanilla musk)
Baby Buttermilk (vanilla, peach and violet- like Burt's Bees)
Cinnamon Clove Buds 
Orange Cinnamon Clove
Nag Champa - incense type scent, but mellow
Drakkar (men's)
Sandalwood Rose 
Spiced Pear
Rice Flower & Shea - smells almost like baby buttermilk, but a little sweeter and with more vanilla
Madagascar Vanilla - A blend of natural vanilla dn ylang ylang essential oils

This is a work in progress.. I will be adding more :)


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