Sunday, May 9, 2010

Craft Show Horror Story & Mother's Day Giveaway

It was our first craft show of the new year. (yesterday) and we decided we'd do the one in Leesport since we just started selling at the farmers market down there..
First of all... hubby and I were both miserable because we were up all night rushing and trying to get everything ready. I had about 10 of everything in my shop ready to go..  I didn't even want to go because I was swamped with Etsy orders but he was pushing to do the stupid craft show... so whatever.

So, we get there about 6:30am.. and couldn't find the instructions to assemble our tent (it was a huge tent too) but luckily hubby's a handy guy because we got it up alright..  Next, we got our banners up and the table up... and the second that I had everything laid out on the tables so we could finish labeling, it starts to thunder... then it literally pours rain! Everything got drenched. I had a couple labels that weren't waterproofed so they just completely got soaked... you couldn't even see what was on them.. I had a couple bars of CP soap that I had the ends of the shrink wrapped snipped so people could smells thru them.. well, they got water inside so they're now unsellable... Which is ok with me because I get this attachment to my cp soap and don't want to sell it anyway. You should see me in the shower. I currently have 4 bars that I use at one time.... trying to see which one I like best.
So anyway, everything's completely soaked.. the rain blew in the mosquito net and just flooded us, The ground was muddy and gross and it was freezing cold! After I had everything dried off, the winds picked up. We had 50mph wind gusts at one point and you could see flower arrangements, wooden yard decorations and knitted stuff just flying past.. you could hear people screaming obscenities as their stands were being destroyed.... There were even a couple tent tops that went flying by (no joke)
But we were safe.. our tent was anchored into the ground... right? Haha.. WRONG!
Our tent was the next to go.. I was at one end drying to wipe off the blowing mud from my table cloths and hubby was at the other end trying to relabel the soaking wet stuff and a huge gust came and  I hear hubby drop the F bomb... so I knew it was serious business...  I look up and the wind just snapped the bars of our tent in half (these are 3" round metal poles too! . I quick grabbed one end.. he grabbed the other and the 2 people on each side of  us saw it coming and quick grabbed the sides... at one point there were like 8 people holding on to our tent...  and we couldn't let go for a good 10 minutes or else our tent would've been thrown into someone's car... or even worse, the pack of cute old ladies that were 20 ft. from us.
So we eventually got our tent down and packed up.. surveyed the damage.. which was EVERYTHING at that point because everything was covered in dirt and mud... so we packed up and dumped everything in a dumpster at Wendy's. I wasn't even gonna try cleaning anything up and relabeling because it was just nasty!

Did I mention that hubby put the wrong labels on a couple things (he's notorious for doing this.. I think he labeled the antioxidant butters as regular butters) and cost me like 4 sales!
As of today, I think I'm going to demote him back to funnel holder. Ugh! Where did Willy Wonka get those Oompa Loompas again?
The good point of the rain soaking everything was I completely sold out of like 60 fizzing bubble bath bars because everyone got a live demonstration on how they work and were amazed that bath bombs could actually bubble too. So, that's my newest obsession.
/ rant

It's Mother's Day wohoo! Happy Mother's Day to the moms out there!
To celebrate motherhood, I will be giving away another gift basket full 'o goodies!
One lucky winner will recieve:

Gift basket

2pc 10oz Sulfate Free Body Wash & Shea Butter Moisturizer Set
in Bergamot Corriander & Vanilla
I chose this scent because it's an essential oil blend that's very versatile. If you like lemon sugar, or any kind of lemoney scent, you'll love this! That way if someone were to win that couldn't use fragrance oils because of either an allergy or because the scent was headache inducing, they wouldn't have to miss out.

1- Sulfate Free 3.5oz  Fizzing bubble bath bar
because I'm SO proud that I finally mastered the art of making them! (Your bar will be square, like a bar of soap)
You'll have your choice of what I have available scent wise. I'm going to work on some headache/tension relief bars with some mint & other headache relief aromatherapy scents :)

And....  sample bag (makes 64oz ) of the most amazing coffee I've ever had! I'm sure you'll love it too!  The flavor is bitter chocolate (yum!)

This giveaway runs from Today 5/9 to midnight 5/23

You can enter the same way as always.. twittering, facebooking, blogging this giveaway link, referring friends etc. Be sure to post your twitter & blog so you can get credit.

Bonus 3 entries... post links to your best "Mom" pic of you and your little one/s or you with you mom.
 If you are concerned about their safety, feel free to black out their face.
They can be hospital pics (my favorite)
or prego belly pics, or just regular pics.. whatever!

I'll go first... this is me 8 months prego with Brynn April 2009

and Brynnie's B-day May 27, 2009  

Bird's Eye View the day I went in to get induced  5/26/09

Good luck to everyone!
Don't forget to post your contact info so I can notify the winner!


Gina said...

OK, that did NOT sound like any fun at put it mildly. So, I'm curious, will you ever do that craft fair again? LOL!
I actually cringed thinking of all your amazing products going into the dumpster...boohoo! I'll clean it all up!!!! LOL!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! The work you do to bring us safe, healthy, well-priced and amazing products is making a ton of people happy. You are such a kind and generous woman-i wish you much success!!
And I love the pics of you and your beautiful Brynn! You were gorgeous even preggo! That's not fair!!! LOL!!
Again, have an awesome day, and thank you for everything you do to keep your customers happy. I'm guessing that amount of love you put into your business is multiplied dozens of times over for what you do for your family. They are lucky!


Gina said...

/Users/gina/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2009/gina 34 weeks 4 days pregnant/IMG_1698.JPG

I hope I attached this correctly! Just delete it if I did not. That was me, with my son who was 2 at the time, when I was close to 35 weeks preggo and a week away from having my Peyton. She was born May 6th 2009.

Cari said...

Posted on my fan page

kotibeth @ gmail dot com

susiesattic said...

Wow I've been to a couple outdoor sales about like that and its no fun, have a great Mothers day


Sarah said...

What a disastrous craft show. Here's hoping your online sales keep growing so you can run your business from the comfort and safety of the great indoors!

contests and such said...

What a horrible day! And you didn't even want to do it!

Great giveaway! I posted about your giveaway here. My favorite item of yours is the ultra lush body butter!

by BB*Jayde said...

NEVER again Gina! LOL
Well, maybe one more.. there was a lady going around asking for vendors for a September show. It's a huge she-bang going on to raise money for her 13 year old nephew who has this condition... it's an octopus type of tumor (malignant) that grows and the tentacle thingies wrap around their bones and muscles and cut off blood flow. They're trying to raise money for research... so I signed up and paid for that one. They're having live music and stuff for kids, so that's great. I can take my kids along and the boys can entertain the girls with all the stuff going on. Plus, I'm a softie when it comes to raising money for any kind of medical research... especially when a child is involved or it involves any kind of cancer.

My godfather worked for a professional hair care company (I won't say which one because I don't want a cease & desist letter from their layer since my aunt was paid off to keep mum)
But anyway, he worked for them making shampoo and he had gotten throat and lung cancer. The guy never smoked a day in his life... was clean as a whistle... and wasn't even genetically predisposed to even develop cancer! But when he got into his late 50's he had to go on oxygen and they eventually found the cancer. The doctors blamed it on prolonged exposure to sulfates & preservatives in the shampoos. My aunt had a whole team of doctors & experts testify and they company eventually settled.
A couple other employees of that company also filed lawsuits because out of like, 20 pregnant women who worked there over the course of 35 years, I believe 12 or 13 of them gave birth to babies with a cleft palate and something else wrong with them because of exposure to the different chemicals.
What's sad about this all is that even after all of that, they STILL use those chemicals in their formulas. But now, they will move a pregnant woman to another job within the facility and the employees have to wear special clothings and respirators. It's 2010 and science has developed soooo many alternatives to sulfates and chemical preservatives. The FDA approved a natural broad spectrum preservative made from fermenting sugar cane in 2008, yet I only see a handful of companies use it because it's ungodly expensive and it only preserves water based formulas for 18 months as opposed to years with the others.
The bacteria/mold counts were nonexistant in a 10 day old sealed control sample and still too low to count in an opened sample, where the 10 day old sealed samples preserved with germaben (paraben) was only the bare minimum of allowable bacteria/mold.. I think the only bacteria present in a large amount was Coliform... I'm thinking it was E.Coli because the colony was colored similar (purple & green under the microscope) but the open sample was thru the roof with both bacteria and mold. Parabens are supposed to be the first choice against gram negative bacteria too... Shows you where the company's priorities are!

That's another reason why it's better to buy handmade. You're buying something that typically ONE person is making.. and it's not going thru contaminated machines, or in a facility that has 100 people in the same area!
Sorry for rambling!

Valerie said...

shared it on my facebook page!/valerie.bakke1

I literally only have a handful of pics of me pregnant with both kids. I had big babies and in turn I was huge, didn't want my pic taken. I'll see what I can post.

Valerie said...

Heres the link to when my son was born. Not a fun pregnancy, hot summer, and 10 days overdue, 3 hours of pushing with no progress, little mad had flipped himself ( face up) and became stuck, and a c section in the end. Thinking about hearing the words "it's a boy" and hearing the first drys still brings tears to my eyes.!/photo.php?pid=2669150&id=710574542

This link is a pic of my daughter, my son and I when she was a few weeks old. Much better pregnancy and had a planned c section this time. We knew we were having a girl this time. She had also flipped herself like her brother did. Good thing I didn't try to push her out, she was 8 LBS to boot.!/photo.php?pid=2669112&id=710574542

I never thought I would love being a mom as much as I do.

by BB*Jayde said...

OMG Valerie! What wonderful pictures! Reminiscing makes me all teary eyes too! You guys are SO cute....beautiful family! I'm so jealous of your hair! I know how much of a pain your curls are but I've always wanted them. I can't even get my hair to hold curl because it's so thin :(

Your delivery sounds horrible! WOW! I cringed!Mine were always early, so when I made it to 38 wks with Brynn it felt like I was a month over due!
I've always had tiny babies. Chloe was the smallest- 5lbs 2oz @ 34 weeks and Shawn was the biggest. 6lbs 2oz @ 38 weeks.
Luckily, my first was the only one I had problems with. Joel was an emergency C-section because he was a big baby (23" long@ 36 weeks) and got stuck butt first.. so I went into labor at 36 weeks and the did the section. My incision got infected a week later so they had to take my stitches out and cut away dead tissue and I had a nurse come in and pack me full of wet gauze and irrigate the incision for 2 months. I was only 16 at the time so it was sooo horrible and scary! The other 3 were VBACs.. the last 2 (Chloe & Brynn) were really easy. Chloe was born at 34 weeks and was literally out on the second push because she was so tiny.. and Brynn was induced @ 38 weeks because I developed Cholestasis so my bile was flowing back into my liver and leaking into my blood stream. Normally they would never induce someone who's had a prior C-Section, but it was 13 years and I had 2 VBACs, so they did it slowly.. It only took from 6pm- 2:30am and I slept most of the time. I caved and got the Epidural because they said I'd need it with the Pitocin... but I made it to 6cm without it. The only time it hurt was when I was tense.. like when I had to pee. If I wouldn't have had the stupid IV putting all the water into me, I would've been ok the whole time I think.
Hubby just got fixed thi syear.. so it's depressing a little.. talking about this and knowing that my child bearing is over. I'll only be 30 next month... and Madonna is having babies well into her late 40's so I have at least 15 years of baby making ability left.
Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Gina - I can't see yours :'(

Melissa Rodriguez Photography said...

Just posted about the giveaway on facebook. Can't wait to try your products! Thanks!

Gina said...

Well, I never said that I was tech saavy! But I am trying again! These are pics from my pregnancy with Peyton. She was born last year 5/6/09, after five months of strict bed rest, at 36 weeks, weighing 6lbs 8ozs and screaming and pouting! Best momma's day gift ever!


Mary said...

I just wrote a huge comment, please tell me you got it!

by BB*Jayde said...

I don't see it Mary :(
It might be lost in comment moderation limbo with my huge stack of hate mail from my fan club of haters :( I'll go look.

Gina! Too cute! Thanks for sharing.. I love belly pics <3

Gina said...

Thank you!!! Delete those haters! We don't need them here!!!! This is all about love!

Mary said...

Oh yeah, and ignore your haters! You know most if not all of them are just your competition. It's so immature that people stoop so low just because someone is doing better than them :|

Mary said...

Darn! I always have trouble posting my comments. I would have re-posted it last night, but I wrote alot and didn't feel like re typing it! I shall try again now though.

Sorry to hear about the craft show :( I have been to one before with my mother, and I hated it. We had to get there 3 hours before it opened to set up our tent and items, then we had to stay 3 hours after it was over to clean everything up. I wasn't my thing! I am hopeful your next one turns out alot better, and I feel sorry for the kid who has that very scary and painful sounding illness :( I hope the money you guys raise will really benefit him.

I really love looking at these photos of mommies and their babies! It warms my heart. It also makes me want to have another baby, but I'm way too afraid to go through that again. My pregnancy was horrible...

I weighed 118 lbs before I became pregnant. By the end of my pregnancy, I weighed 180 lbs! I weighed more than everyone in my family. Most of the weight went to my belly. My belly was so huge that most people thought I was having twins. My ankles were non existent and my feet were so swollen that shoes stopped fitting at around the 5 month mark. I ended up in the ER twice due to exhaustion and being dehydrated. I was miserable and wanted this baby out of me by the time I was at the 6th month mark!

A week before my induction, I was very nervous about giving birth. I knew my baby would be huge and I didn't think I could handle it. I told my doctor that I wanted a c section, but he refused. He said that my baby wouldn't be huge and at most would weigh 6 lbs (keep in mind he was guessing, he never even checked to be sure!). He also stated that in his 10 years of delivering babies that he had only delivered 3 that were over 8 lbs.

The big day came and I was induced. He told me it shouldn't be more than 7 hours before I started pushing him out. Boy, was he wrong. I was 1 cm dilated for 36 hours! They finally decided to break my water and even then I didn't progress very far, I got up to 3 cm after a few hours. I started crying because I was so tired and frustrated (and hungry seeing as they wouldn't let me eat!). After 41 hours I was FINALLY 10 cm dilated.

When I started pushing, it wasn't so bad. The first 30 minutes just felt like there was a pressure. After 30 minutes though... I started screaming and crying my head off. Everyone in the waiting room said it sounded like I was being chopped into pieces! I pushed for over an hour and I felt like I didn't even have an epidural at that point, it hurt SO much!

When the little guy finally came out, everyone gasped because he was HUGE!! The doctor was very wrong, my baby wasn't tiny in the least. He ended up being 9.3 lbs and 21 inches long! I had 3rd degree tears and I was so worn out that I couldn't even hold him when they went to hand him to me :( To make matters worse, my placenta was so big that it didn't just come out like it does for most girls, I had to push it out for about 30 mins, so it felt like I was giving birth again!

It took me about 5 months after giving birth to recover ( I kept getting infections and my stitches ripped... I really should have had a c section, but my dumb doctor wouldn't give me one), so you can see why I'm freaking terrified to get pregnant again LOL. I don't want to go through that again!

Anyways, on a less scary and gross note, here's some pictures!

Here's me a couple of days before getting induced... I have a million stretch marks! :(

Here's me holding the little(BIG) guy about an hour or so after I gave birth:

Here's me and him together (I think he's 2 months old here? )


Valerie said...

Thanks! My husband got " fixed" last year too My doc recommended I not have anymore due to the scar tissue built up from the two c sections. It was fine with us, our family is complete and we can an do add furry children! We have a dog , cat, guinea pig and fish. Soon to have a pet frog when my son has his b day.

Love seeing the pics!

Daily Joy said...

I'd love to win this as a gift for my mom (and, ok, I'd steal some too :) )

by BB*Jayde said...

I have a ton of scar tissue too Valerie... just from that one c-section that was left to heal without stitches. It's around my bladder too so I have horrible pain from it certain times of the month and it stretches when I'm pregnant and feels like I'm being stabbed. It's surprisingly not bad on the outside.. it's all inside which makes it worse. There's a procedure that they can do to remove it, but I'm too scared!

Mary! You poor thing! Did you by any chance have your baby in a military hospital? Good God your baby is almost as big as you! Were you even tested for gestational diabetes??? I'm a tiny person so I have tiny babies... except for Brynn, she was tiny at birth and ballooned up to 20lbs at 5 months! Hubby's a huge guy tho.. I think she got his genes!

After you were stuck at 1cm for a couple hours, they should've either pulled the plug on the pitocin and let you up to walk or done a section, that was just ridiculous! They're lucky they didn't hurt the baby with all the stress that was causing him! I only tore with my first vag birth (second child) and it wasn't fun! I couldn't sit for a good 3 months! That was the one where my epidural worse off too. I never cried so much in my life! The last 2 were tiny so they pretty much were out on their own. I knew what to expect so that made it easy.
I wouldn't give up.. I wold just go to a different doctor and have growth scans done ever 2 months. Child birth can be a very empowering thing if you know what to expect and go with the flow and as long as you don't tense up the lower half of your body, the pain is somewhat bearable... until you have to pee and you try to hold it lol Some hospitals will let you get away without having an IV and just a lock in your hand in case they have to add one later.
I used to scoff at the people who would go thru the natural home births who said it wasn't painful.. There is a lot of truth to what they say, but if you're one of the unlucky people who have a long labor or stalled labor, nothing is gonna help you. I always went in with good intentions of going natural, but caved half way and got the epidural so I could sleep til I was at 10 cm.

As miserable as my pregnancies have always been, it kind of depresses me I won't get to do it again.. but we can always adopt. Baby E's mom Melissa adopts. I'll have to get her to share her story if she wants to. It'll warm and break your hearts all at the same time!

Nikki Warner said...

Oh my goodness. That is horrible. I had that happen one christmas fair. I have all these handpainted glass ornaments I had made hung on trees. And it started to rain and the wind picked up and I had no help. Luckily, I was standing in front of one of the trees when it soared off the table and I caught it. It was crazy (not as crazy as yours). But, talk about panick.

Thanks for the giveaway. Following you on twitter (scyren) and I twittered

by BB*Jayde said...

OMG! I would've cried if they all got smashed!

Oh.. and I forgot to add... I know who the hate mail poster are...Google Analytics are VERY telling!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Hey - I'm the Etsy mom who had her order deleted and then reordered 8 things last week...this is the email I typically use outside of Etsy. I no longer blog or Twitter (election of 08 was a horrible hateful time there), but I'll share the giveaway on Plurk, if you'll let that count.

Viking Jones said...

Hi! I'll blog this giveaway here:
Tweet here:
And I'll promote it on my facebook fan page here:

I don't have many followers on the blog or FB yet, but I do have Twitter followers. :)

Oooh, picture the day my baby girl was born:


by BB*Jayde said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing :)
You look amazingly well for just having a baby! I looked like I went thru a boxing ring haha

Anonymous said...

Blogged about the giveaway

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Shared the giveaway on Facebook

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Tweeted the giveaway

lisa said...


lisa said...

these look like great products. Tweet:

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Entered giveaway here: #334