Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - The Winner is....

The Diva of the Month is...


And what a beautiful girl she is too, sitting there with her various array of Everyday Diva Products!
I think she owns almost everything in my shop.. seriously... :) and she's the sweetest girl EVER!
This picture is hanging up in my soap house and will be going along to hang in our shops. Once I get a nice collage of Divas going, I'll have to get some pics.

Look out Covergirl©  
Who needs Beyonce and Ellen... We've got Nina!

Nina has won herself a $25 gift certificate to EverydayDiva.Net
You go girl... get your shop on!

To enter for next month, send YOUR Diva pic, with your Everyday Diva product/s to


Mary said...

Wow, is that my long lost sister?! I look pretty much like her, only ALOT paler (and a bitter fatter LOL). nice collection too! Congrats Nina!

I'll try to send a pic in if I can find my darn camera cord!

mylastrose said...

Mary - Thanks! Now I'm curious to see what you look like. I hope you find your camera :)

Everyday Diva truly cares and loves their customers! And I truly love them and their products! I'm a Diva for life :D

In my opinion, everyone should become a Diva and support this wonderful family business!


by BB*Jayde said...

I don't have any good pics of me :(
There's something about putting my face on the internet that freaks me out LOL

Here's Chloe and me back in October hen we dyed our hair pink for Breast Cancer awareness month

Yeah, I need to do something about a camera.. I've been using my sons because it has a macro setting and it doesn't blur my product pictures.. I have so many new things to photograph, but I'm procrastinating because I dread using that light box!

Gina said...

Nina-you are so pretty! And I agree-this family makes the best products! I've been spreading the word via my blog and facebook!