Monday, April 26, 2010

Keep the Good Karma Flowing!

I'm a strong believer in karma... what goes around will certainly come back around.

If you are a kind person with good intentions, good things will come your way.
However, if you're a rotten mean spirited person with ulterior motives... well then, you're SOL. Karma will come back... and I hear it's a b*tch!

Maybe I'm a little superstitious, but I credit all my my good fortunes in life to things that I have done to help others or just for the greater good of humanity. I've been blessed with a wonderful family and amazing customers and friends! We're by no means wealthy people, but our home is full of laughter and love.. and to me, those are the greatest riches. So, to keep the good karma flowing, we pick a new project every so often (with our animal rescue mission being top priority)

My favorite charitable thing is to whip up a huge batch of everything, split it up and drop half off at a local women's shelter and the other half to a facility for pregnant teens who were kicked out of their homes or have no place to go otherwise. They have a place to live, tutors to help them graduate and all that good stuff to make sure that they can succeed in life and raise their babies.  I can not save the world and prevent things like abuse and neglect... but if I can offer these girls 20 minutes to escape the ugliness of their realities in the shower..  or to do something to make themselves feel a little better... well then that's stellar.

So, that leads me to my next thing...

I came across these amazing people on Facebook. Tysha and Chris 
They run an operation that's called Spreading Peace Reno.   
They take food and supplies to the homeless down in Tent City
Their videos are so heartbreaking!
So, I've contacted Chris and Tysha and asked if these people had access to shower facilities and were in need of soaps and other toiletries. It's got to be incredibly uncomfortable to be stuck in a tent in the middle of the desert without being able to properly wash. Can you image how disgusting these people must feel? That's a huge blow to their confidence. I wouldn't want to go and try to apply for a job after I've been sleeping in a tent and unable to shower. Hopefully I can get some stuff together for these people.

I think I want to set something up where every month I can sponsor a different organization... and have certain products in a special section of my shop that are marked up $1.00 and take that buck, plus a percentage of that sale and use it to donate towards that month's charity. That way it's something that everyone can get involved in and get a piece of that good karma.
I'd love any feedback or suggestions as to what organizations I can get involved with!
What's YOUR favorite organization to donate to or the greatest cause you support?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I haven't posted in forever!

It's been crazy here! The Wednesday & Weekend markets are opening up again.. and I'm having a Paypal issue.. so I've been working double time to get everything in order!

I was having a slow week last week so I thought I'd be ok to take the weekend off for Chloe's 4th birthday party.. Pshhh! Yeah! That would be the weekend I get hammered! Luckily, it only took me til Tuesday to get caught up... then the Paypal problem hit... so, I had to cancel 40 orders... re-invoice about 3 quarters of those... (Thank you to everyone who's working with me thru this.. I love you guys!)

So, anyway... this week I hot the 1000 sales mark! That was very exciting!  I've been on Etsy for 69 sleepless nights and 70 fun filled days.. and I wouldn't give it up for anything!  bring on the next 1000!

I have a couple cell phone cam pics of the birthday party that set me back 2 days lol
It was nothing big.. just the 6 of us at Chuck E Cheese.

Fun fun fun... until the kids at the next table were trying to take the Dragon Tales cake toppers that Gio made for me... then it was just annoying!

Friday, April 16, 2010

And the April give-away winner is....

Entry # 10! Woooooooooo! I have no idea who it is because I don't have the number list in front of me... I'll look in a minute...  but congrats anyway~

For the rest of you, thanks for entering! I wish you all could win!
Next month's will be even bigger and better!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diva in training

My inbox was graced with this cuteness for this month's Diva drawing and I just HAD to share!.

To protect her privacy.. I'll call her Baby E... and here she is striking a pose with her Nature Girl Bath Products and Lil Divas bubble bath.

That is just the greatest thing in the whole world!
Thank you Melissa, for sending me the pics and good luck in the drawing!

And here is another!

This is Mary I's little Diva Man! (Don't tell daddy that tho!)

He's enjoying his Oatmeal Milk & Honey bath <3

I love it! Keep them coming!
Thanks Mary!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We got our new banner - YAY!

I wanted to do a little re-vamping at our farmer's market shops...  So, I ordered some new banners.
I got them to match my business cards... now I'm wondering if I should have the product labels redone in the same style?
I love the pink stripes.. but I'm thinking I should coordinate..  thoughts?

Here it is... (excuse my old clothes.. we were grilling out >.< )

Awesome things on Etsy

I'm always blogging about what I sell... but never really about what I buy.

These awesome finds deserve a shout out...

Chloe's 4th birthday is coming up on April 14th. We've already done Dora the last 2 years, we've done Care Bears and a princess theme.. so I wanted to do something different this year.
Right now she's really  into Dragon Tales 
She likes to pretend that she's going to dragon land.. She'll even get her fake dragon tail and recite the whole rhyme that takes the kids to Dragon Land. It's quite funny..

Anyway, It's impossible to find Dragon Tales birthday decorations.. So, I turned to Etsy.
CraftyGio  a customer of mine, was able to make us the most ADORABLE dragon tales cake toppers!

Here they are on a cake prop (click to enlarge)

How amazing! You should've seen the little 125x125 pixilated picture she had to work from!
She also does Disney Princesses, Handy Manny, or pretty much anything. You think it, she'll do it (she really likes doing Olivia... especially after doing 20 of them in a row LOL)
Have a look at her shop and if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask! Her lollipops are adorable too.

To complete the Etsy birthday party decor, I got a banner in a trade from Love2Embellish

Let me tell you, it's adorable in person! Photos don't so it justice... and I feel so horrible about the trade. She wanted a bottle of body wash, so I said ok... I'll trade for the banner... and believe me, a bottle of body wash does NOT cover the awesomeness of this banner... and I need to send her something else now because she deserves it!

Next, we have some soap!
I need soap like I need a hole in my head... but I was on th hunt for some Soap Savers and I couldn't resist!
Next to the Sunflower soap that I just made (will be blogging about that next week)
Glenda @ SudzNThings makes the best bar soap that I have ever used or laid my eyes on! If you're a fan of bar soap.. you have to give her's a try! I promise you won't be disappointed!

I got the Mountain Lake Scent. It was like I wasn't even using soap.. No squeaky tight feeling afterwards, no yucky soap feeling... just nice smelling, super soft and conditioned skin. The best part is, her soap is completely natural and very simple. Just a tad of lye (there is no lye left over once it turns into soap) oil and filtered rain water (soft water) That's it!  It's amazing how something so simple can be so superior! No this or that.. no bar hardeners or whiteners (which are NOT bad for you by the way) just pure and simple. Even hubby enjoyed it and he's hard to please! This soap definitely gets my seal of approval! Not that it needs it or anything...  Actually, I bow down to her greatness. Yes, her soap is THAT good! 

Glenda's such an amazing person too. She helped me out with my Soy Milk Soap  (it's a different process)  and coached me on how to avoid the Soy Milk from ruining the batch. Now, I have an amazing batch of it (almost) ready to gift for Mother's Day.  Her shop's in Va-cay mode at the moment (for Easter)  but will be returning on Wednesday  :)

Finally, we have the most awesome mineral makeup in the whole world! 
It's not an Etsy purchase, but still falls under the Hand Made  :)
I was having a convo with Courtney @ (the makeup bible)
about mineral eye shadow and she referred  me to  Evil Shades 

I ordered: 

The colors are a little hard to see, but they're pretty true to color, and beautiful in person.
They're shimmery and they go on very easy. I didn't have to stand there rubbing at it to spread, but once they're on they stay on. Suffocation and double barrel re my favorites! Suffocation reminds me of the eyeshadow that I use to get from Victoria's Secret (sans the yuck) It's a light pinkish shimmer and it looks awesome over Double barrel! 
Double barrel is like a dark grey shimmer. Almost like gunmetal.  When I get some sleep and don't have huge bags under my eyes, I'll get some pics.  
If you're unsure about the colors, you can order samples cheap.. That's what I did before getting full sized, and the samples are huge! They'll last me quite a while. Her shipping was super fast too. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diva of the Month - The Winner is....

The Diva of the Month is...


And what a beautiful girl she is too, sitting there with her various array of Everyday Diva Products!
I think she owns almost everything in my shop.. seriously... :) and she's the sweetest girl EVER!
This picture is hanging up in my soap house and will be going along to hang in our shops. Once I get a nice collage of Divas going, I'll have to get some pics.

Look out Covergirl©  
Who needs Beyonce and Ellen... We've got Nina!

Nina has won herself a $25 gift certificate to EverydayDiva.Net
You go girl... get your shop on!

To enter for next month, send YOUR Diva pic, with your Everyday Diva product/s to