Friday, March 26, 2010

What you need to know about sunscreens!

I've gotten a few questions about the use of sunscreens... so I thought this would be worthy of sharing.

Many of you will be spending hours in the sun in the months ahead. Sadly this year, more than a million of you will also learn that you have skin cancer.

We all know sun blocks can work to prevent burns and disease, but how do you pick the right one?
The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen. When we talk about sun damage, we’re actually talking about damage to the skin that’s caused by ultraviolet light: UVB and UVA rays.
UVB rays lead to sunburns. When you buy sun block that provides SPF protection, you’re protecting yourself against UVB rays. SPF indicates the level of protection.
UVA rays penetrate deep into the middle layer of your skin. They can lead to wrinkles and age spots. They can also diminish your body’s ability to protect against cancer by weakening the immune system.
Both UVB and UVA rays can cause skin cancer, but not all sun blocks protect against UVA rays. For broad-spectrum protection, you want to buy one that does.
Now, a lot of people wonder about strength: SPF 85 sounds like a lot more protection than SPF 30 or SPF 15, but the difference between them actually starts to get pretty small.
For example, an SPF 15 sun block lets in about 6 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. An SPF 30 lets in only about 3 percentof those rays. An SPF 85 lets in a little more than 1 percent.
So, you’re going to get only slightly more protection with the higher SPFs, but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself bake in the sun longer. The recommended minimum is an SPF 15.
Whatever SPF you pick, be sure to slather on enough sunscreen—a shot glass-full is about right, the recommended one ounce. Reapply frequently, especially after swimming or if you've been sweating profusely.

According to Dr. Sanja Gupta, it's not important whether or not your sunscreen contains SPF 15, 30 or even 85.. it's HOW you use it. Most people aren't using enough of it and he recommends using an ounce at a time. That's a LOT of sunscreen! It makes me wonder whether or not the little bits of moisturizer with SPF is even effective? 
Could you imagine slathering a whole ounce or even half ounce of moisturizer on our face? I think I need to do some further investigating into this.. 
Also, you need to be aware of WHAT kind of sunscreen you're using.

Sunscreen Types

Sunscreen is a general term. A sunscreen simply means any product which saves us from UV radiation, if we apply it on our body. While many people often mix the terminology of sunscreen and sunblock, there really is a technical difference between the two. A true sunscreen is a chemical agent that denatures the light, making the wavelengths incapable of causing damage. Sunblocks act as a physical wall to prevent sunlight from reaching the skin. 
Chemical Screens:
These are aromatic compounds which absorb photons of light energy and transform high energy UV radiation into harmless long wave radiation. This avoids or minimizes sunburn. Commonly used chemical sunscreens are PABA (Para Amino Benzoic Acid), Anthranilates, Benzophenones, Camphor derivatives, Cinnamates, Dibenzoylmethanes and Salicylates.

Physical Blocks:
These blocks reflect and scatter the sun light, and decrease the dermal penetration of UV rays. Eg. Titanium dioxide, Magnesium oxide, Zinc oxide, Red petrolatum, Kaolin, etc.

Many sunscreen products contain a mixture of these two properties. If you have contact dermatitis allergies, eczema or sensitive skin, you should prefer to use the true physical blockers.

Obviously, the healthier and better choice would be the blocks...  But with these also come acne break outs and white noses (like the life guards) This is where you need to weigh the pros and cons.
I'm in the process of adding a SPF 15 moisturizer to my line but it's still in the developmental phase.
I'm curious to hear what you're all using (sunscreen) and how it's making your skin react!


Mary said...

I do not go out in the sun because I can't find a good sunscreen; all the ones that are cheap contain harmful chemicals, and the expensive ones would only last me a week (not to mention some of the expensive ones contain nano-sized particles which are not good for you!). I have eczema, sensitive skin and I burn very easily.

I'd love it if you could recommend me sunscreen that would work, isn't harmful, and doesn't break my wallet! It's cool that you are making some SPF prodcuts... but I don't think I would buy it because I like using SPF 30 and no lower :( I know you say the difference is small but anything lower makes me burn, even when I use a lot.

People say they hate that sunscreen makes their skin white, well, I love it because I'm already as white as a ghost! I am desperately looking for sunscreen, especially since skin cancer runs in my family!

by BB*Jayde said...

Ok.. I've added some Titanium and Zinc to one of the Antioxidant Moisturizers and so far so good.
I need some test subjects!

Mary said...

*raises hand* I would be willing to try it out and give you honest feedback. I need to get outside anyways, it's just everything I use never works, not even burts bees! But eveyrthing else I've used from you has been amazing, so maybe this will be a replacement.... :)

by BB*Jayde said...

I never made them before because of the chemicals and I wasn't sure that anyone would want something with titanium & zinc :/ plus I don't want to sell it unless it's something that's really really good.

I just mixed a little bit (equivalent to spf 15) and it was really nice but if I went any higher than that, it made my face feel funny.
I have a little kaolin here but that would probably REALLY feel funky.
I'm downloading a podcast at the moment.. so I'll see what this has to say.

The ONLY sunscreen that I have ever had any luck with was Vichy.. but's it's loaded with yuck. I don't regularly wear sunscreen (gasp) but my mineral makeup seems to be enough coverage.. but it's not good enough for some people. I rarely go out in the sun anyway unless it's to my car to go to the Sunday market.. Sad!

Gina said...

I'll try your sunscreen for sure-but you know I'm game to be a lab rat for ya! We use a lot of sunscreen and I try to get the blocks but sometimes that isn't always possible bc the chemical ones go on much better. That being said, for my face I use mineral sunscreen too bc I will break out if I use anything else. But body wise I use Coppertone Pure and Natural Baby or neutragena ultra sheer. I sometimes use the ultra sheer on my face (at the beach), and prolly when I go to Cabo in june I will have to bc of the sun down there. But I hate the feeling if that stuff on my skin. Of course, now many studies are pointing to our overuse of sunscreens and a deficiency in Vitamin D as being the underlying cause of many inflammatory diseases. My mom found out she is severely deficient in Vit D and now refuses to wear sunscreen anywhere but her face and chest. I have vowed this year to let my legs get sun! I've spent the past ten years in spray tan HELL! LOL!

by BB*Jayde said...

I shouldn't admit to this, but I would soak up as much sun as I possibly could! I'll probably pay for it 10 years from now tho. I try to use the c serum as much as I can, but sometimes all I want to do after my shower is just go to bed and not fuss with putting anything on. The good news about that is.. I'm on the same bottle of serum for going on 3 months and it's still clear lol
I just said that to someone else the other day.

by BB*Jayde said...

Awesomeness! When I get my little jars I'll send you both some.

I'm doing a night cream too that Fiona is gonna test for me. If you guys want in on that as well, let me know.

I just noticed that a majority of everyone posting here is from the south! My analytics for today is mainly southern states.. with a few north east and one in Canada. How cool. Everyday Diva loves you North Carolina!

The other Mary.. Mary I is lurking around too. I can see you were here today haha. Come out and say HI!

I gotta get moving.. Hubby's gonna be back with the kids and his niece soon and I haven't done anything yet except download a bunch of post casts and answer emails. The quiet is nice.

Valerie said...

We have tried several sunblocks that only had Physical Blockers in them. They worked well bit it was such a pain to get the rubbed in, especially when you putting it on two kidos! I wish there was a safe sunblock that was easy to apply.

mmbrierton said...

We live in the sun at the beach and the lake. Summer is my favorite time of year. I'm sure I will pay for this one day! I would love to try any SPF moisturizer by you! I need it!!

Mary said...

Just wondering but is the site messing up or something? My comments are gone =[

by BB*Jayde said...

Hmm.. no. I can still see them :)
Blogger is weird sometimes. I have like 20 comments that it won't let me post for some reason. Seems like it they;re over a certain length, it won't post them??

Mary said...

Ah! Well, did you get my comments about me being Mary I, and that I would try your new stuff? I also asked another question about sunscreens but I'm not seeing it either =[

by BB*Jayde said...

NO! I don't see those! I wonder what's going on???
OMG, Mary confusion! LOL I thought you were Mary B! But wait, Mary B is mmbrierton. Wow.. I need to take a nap.
I didn't get any email approvals for your posts either :(

Mary said...

Well shoot! Blogspot has been messing up when I try to post a comment, I have to submit it 3 times before it says it goes through. Well, anyways, what I said was that I am Mary I. I would have made my user name 'kinntora' but it said I needed a google account, so I just used this one lol :P I also said that I'd love to try your new products, I will give you honest feedback and let you know what you need to work on (if you even need to). Burts bee's sunscreen is what I'm using now, but it's so drying and it is way too expensive, it'd be nice if I could replace it with your product =]

sorry for the confusion LOL