Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talk to me!

I'm on the hunt for some new scents!
I'm interested in finding out what are the most appealing to others whther they're essential oils, fragrance oils, plain scents, brand name scent dups...
This is a list of my current available scents (I tried to alphabetize them, but my head is starting to hurt and I need to go make some more acne moisturizer before I go to bed haha)

♥ Aloe & Green Tea
♥ Autumn Tuberose
♥ Baby Scent
♥ Bergamot Coriander
♥ Black Amber Musk
♥ Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy ( Fragrance Oil )
♥ Chamomile
♥ Chocolate Indulgence
♥ Coconut Lime Verbena
♥ Cool Water ( Men's Fragrance Oil
♥ Coconut cream
♥ Cucumber Melon
♥ Freesia
♥ Fresh Bamboo
♥ Fresh Ginger Lime
♥ Fresh Lavender
♥ Grapefruit Citrus
♥ Honey Almond
♥ Hawaiian Tropics
♥ Juicy Watermelon 
♥ Lime Cooler 
♥ Lemongrass Sage
♥ Madagascar Vanilla (Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Essence)
♥ Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
♥ Orange Cinnamon Clove
♥ Bergamot Coriander
♥ Pink Hibiscus 
♥ Pomegranate Sage

♥ Peppermint
♥ Peppermint & Tea Tree
♥ Raspberry Lemonade
♥ Sensual Amber
♥ Strawberry Patch
♥ Sweet Pea
♥ Strawberries & Champagne
♥ Chocolate Cherries
♥ Patchouli 
♥ Vanilla

♥ Cherry Almond
♥ Pink Sugar
♥ Pink Sugar & Coconut Cream
♥ Sandalwood & Patchouli

Perfume/Cologne  Scents
♥ Amazing Grace (Women's Philosophy)
♥ Very Sexy (Victoria's Secret Fragrance Oil)
♥ Lovespell (Victoria's Secret Fragrance Oil)
♥ Curve - for women (Fragrance Oil)

♥ Be Delicious - Fresh Blossom - (DKNY Type Fragrance Oil)
♥ Drakkar Noir (Men's Fragrance Oil)
♥ Eternity (Men's Natural)

♥ Ck-1 Type(Men's Fragrance Oil)
♥ Cool Water (Men's Fragrance Oil)

♥♥♥ Limited quantity scents (best for mixing) ♥♥♥ 

♥ Balm Mint
♥ Bergamot
♥ Jasmine
♥ Peach Blossom
♥ Plumeria
♥ Mandarin
♥ Mother Earth
♥ Oak Moss
♥ Orange Blossom
♥ Orchid
♥ Lily of the Valley
♥ Tangerine

And this is the list of scents I'm currently debating

Vanilla Pear
Mango Papaya
 Raspberry Lemonade
 Goji Berry Bliss
 Mango Sorbet
 Sun Ripened Raspberry



Anonymous said...

I am no scent expert but I love scents that are "pretty", as in totally girly, but not kiddish or too mature either. Have you heard of strawberry citrus? My husband loves that scent, and when I was in high school all the boys loved it! It smells devine.

by BB*Jayde said...

Ohhh that does sound good! I love anything strawberry and anything citrus!
I just got done making some strawberry champagne bubble bath and at first I was reluctant to even get that scent... it took about 6 months to finally get it in... Anyway, I can't believe how good it smells! I was thinking bitter champagne, but it's really soft.

Anonymous said...

If you made strawberry citrus I would love you forever! I hAvent worn that scent in a while because I can't find it anymore... But it was amazing. Strawberry with a hint of citrus, I am serious, it drove the guys wild!! It's really uplifting too :) strawberry champagne sounds interesting :-)

gina said...

Anything from that line called "fresh" always smells divine. sugar lemon-yum! I also love fresh cut grass smell (Gap), peony type smells, i love Frangipani from the line called Chanticale too.

Anonymous said...

mango sorbet and pineapple sounds lovely. And on the topic of scents - do you think you could list the different notes in the scents on your scent list?? - scent names are helpful, but it may not do it justice and won't prompt an automatic buy of a body whip or scrub if someone has to ask for more info on it. Thanks!

kraftenvy1 said...

If you would mix up a scent like Bvlgari's White Tea I would buy everything you could scent it with. Love the clean scent but NOT big Bvlgari price or the harsh ingredients in it now that I've met your items.

by BB*Jayde said...

Absolutely. Most of them are made with essential oils or floral oils, so would that be considered a note as well?
I wish I could find a recipe for Lovespell made from essential oils!

Bvlgari's White Tea... I need to go try that. Where can I find it? I've seen a bunch of different white tea fragrances... I'm gonna order a few next time so I can compare them. I'm a scent nut!

Kraftenvy1 said...

You can find Bvlgari White Tea at Macy's or Sephora - here's the listing:Eau Parfumee White Tea
Both men and women can wear this delicate, soothing white tea scent with white pepper accents, day or evening. White Tea, the principal ingredient, has been used in China as an elixir of youth because of its antioxidant and revitalizing properties. Cultivated only a few times per year, this rare essence imparts an overall sense of well being.
Artemisia Leaves, Ambrette, White Pepper, White Tea, Musk, Woody Amber.
Reassuring. Enveloping. Soothing.
Is this enough to get you started on the white tea scent for me ;) ? Hope so.

by BB*Jayde said...

That actually sounds pretty easy. If I can find Artemisia Leaves & Ambrette, then I should be good to go :)

Kraftenvy1 said...

OK, if you're game,I'm in - don't tease me and get my hopes up for better for me products at way better prices in the scents that I love. So on your quest for new scents - can I throw another one your way? My summer Bvlgari fave is this one: Omnia Crystalline.
Notes:Bamboo, Nashi, Lotus Flower, Balsa Wood. Style: Airy. Radiant. Feminine. Most searches on ETSY result in white tea and ginger and that's not what I'm looking for.

by BB*Jayde said...

OMG that sounds awesome! I love anything with Bamboo and Lotus Flower! That sort of sounds like Water Blossoms & Ivy.

Kraftenvy1 said...

Get to a Sephora or Macy's quick and sniff them - I think I need your shampoo and sugar scrub cubes in those scent ;)

Phyrra said...

Hugo Boss Deep Red is a fantstic scent with notes of pear, cassis, clementine, blood orange, freesia, pittosporum, ginger flower, hibiscus seeds, californian cedarwood, cashmeran musk, and vanilla.

Amber blended with black cherries and vanilla is a favorite of mine.

Kenneth Cole's Black is a wonderful scent, too.

For guys, I LOVE Usher.

mmbrierton said...

I love anything clean cotton or mandarin/mango...

by BB*Jayde said...

I smelled a sample of the Hugo Boss Deep Red in a magazine once. OMG it was amazing!

Mary, you'd like the Sea Island Cotton!