Monday, March 1, 2010

I wasn't kidding when I said it was a "Family Affair"

We're starting Chloe early.
Since my products need to be made under strict sanitary guidelines, the formulatory is a no-kids and no-pets zone. This upsets Chloe greatly because all she wants to do is help.
She's pretty smart in some areas, for a 3 year old. She can read numbers and letters already and I never knew it until I let her play around weighing soap scraps the one day and she was telling me what numbers were on the scale. I was just blown away at how she knew what the numbers were. Most kindergarten kids can't even do that!
So, I had an idea.. 
I set up a little assembly line around the dining room table so she could help me.
After I get done unmolding, trimming, weighing, photographing and shrink wrapping, I'll lay each item out and let her weigh them. She will then tell me what each item weighs 
"What does that one weigh Chloe?" I'll ask...   "3-2 Mom" and she'll set it down for me to label with the weight (3.2oz)

Surprisingly, it worked out well,  helped move things along a bit, and it cut down on hard feelings :)

She even knows how to toggle between the different measurements and can tell me what something weighs in ounces and in grams.

I plan to make her my business partner in 2024!

Check my Etsy shop for my upcoming line of "Chloe" inspired Children's items :)


LadyCallie said...

Shes so cute! And thats an adorable way to teach her and keep her involved. She looks serious too and very interested in learning. That's a GREAT thing.