Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Drink The Kool-Aid - The Great Preservative Debate

That's right Divas, don't drink the Kool-Aid :)

There's a great debate about the use of preservatives in skin care. I believe it was CNN or HLN had a program on a week or 2 ago.
 If you'd ever been lucky enough to listen to one of my ramblings,
 you've probably heard all about my distaste for synthetic ones.
 First of all, there is no need for preservatives in FRESHLY
 made products. Secondly, there are plenty of natural
 preservatives that one can use that will preserve a product
 just as well, if not better than a synthetic.
 Synthetic preservatives such as, 
ParabensDiazolidinyl Urea, 
 Phenoxyethanol  not only cause cancer,
and interfere with the way your body produces hormones,
 they also release formaldehyde and are extremely dangerous!

 Honeyquat, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, 
Potassium Sorbate, Natamycin (made from carbohydrates and sugar) 
and Glycerin (just to name a few) are natural preservatives and will
preserve a product for up to 18 months, sometimes longer.

They are very expensive as opposed to synthetics, that's why many
companies  choose not to go natural (as if they couldn't afford it with their multi billions). They argue that preservative free or natural preservatives are inferior (not true!) and then go on to justify using synthetic preservatives by stating
 that products need to be properly preserved to prevent bacteria growth
 such as E.Coli, Salmonella etc.First of all, a facility that KNOWS what they're doing (a company devoted to mainly SKIN CARE & bath, not Skin Care, clothing, footwear, car parts  etc.) and follows proper sanitary procedures 

Secondly, using top of the line quality ingredients is very important.
 Cosmetic grade (the only grade available by middle men suppliers)
 are allowed to contain up to 50% impurities and bacteria.
 Pharmaceutical grade ingredients are not allowed to contain any more than
 2% impurities and bacteria, so by purchasing top grade supplies directly
 from the factory where they're made will greatly reduce bacteria
 present in your product. Having every batch of product tested is a MUST
 as well. Every facility that makes these products should have the necessary testing equipment in their manufacturing facility and be trained on how to use the equipment (that means no hiring temps!)
as well as how to take a sample for a culture. Samples should ALWAYS be send to 
a 3rd party lab for testing as well (we are required by the state and our insurance
to do this because we are licensed as manufactures, not just a retail 
or wholesale business so you'd think the conglomos would also be required?) This is fairly cheap ($35 per product sample) but unfortunately, some  will not do this because they don't  want to incur the costs and it's cheaper for them to add a harmful chemical (that's why they're billionaires and Etsy mom and pop shops are not)

Of course you also have to worry about contamination once it's in the
 hands of the customer. Every time the bottle or jar is opened, bacteria
 like E.Coli and Salmonella will get inside. This is why it's important to make
 the product an unfriendly environment for bacteria to grow in the first place.
 Adjusting the PH before you market your products is a good start.
In the possession of the consumer, products should always be stored
away from heat and moisture, this will also cut down on bacteria growth.
If you like to keep things in your bathroom, the medicine cabinet or high up on a shelf away  from the toilet and moisture from the shower or in a drawer is the best 
place to keep them stashed.

 As scary as they sound, these bacteria are not always harmful.
 E.Coli, Salmonella, Staph etc. naturally occur inside and outside  your body.
 They are on everything from skin, hair & fingernails to your pillow case,
 on your toothbrush, and even on the foods you eat (remember that
 onion you peeled for your Tuna Salad? or the cucumber you had on that sushi?).
In order to have an outbreak, there needs to be an abnormally large
 amount present and it needs to either be ingested or enter your
 body through your eyes or a deep cut. Being exposed to a little bit of
 bacteria will actually help your body build immunities.

In conclusion, the next time you read or hear a company knock a natural
 preservative or synthetic preservative free product, or try to
 get you to drink their "Preservative  Kool-Aid"  you'll know better. 
What would *I* rather have on my face... ?
I'll go with the potential for poo germs over the stuff that's gonna give me liver tumors, breast cancer and put me thru early menopause or kill my thyroid.

'Cause ya know what... Those poo germs are gonna get there and be there 
no matter what. I bet they're all over your keyboard right now... and in what
you had for lunch! They will be there after you shower and settle in for the night and they'll be there in the morning when you wake up.

 You've been informed :)


Gina said...

Wow-that is the best explanation I have read on that topic to date. Thank you for sharing!! And also for the laugh!!

Mary said...

Thanks for informing us =] I had no idea that grapefruit and vitamin e can be used as preservatives.

I have a sort of offtopic question. Just out of curiosity, but how do you manage to find enough time in the day to be a mom, work at your store in the mall, work on your etsy shop, write on your blog, answer e-mails, and then MAKE the products? I'm just amazed and thought that the only way this is possible would be by hiring other people do to it. You must be super woman!

by BB*Jayde said...

Mary, I never sleep LOL And where ever I go, my phone goes with me because I feel guilty if I don't answer emails/convos right away.

Hubby's niece and her friend help us with the shop at the mall and his mom does the farmer's markets. Those are the easy ones because you just make a bunch to always keep it stocked. The boys want to do that this summer, but they need a crash course so they know how to answer questions. Hubby wants to learn the formulas, but I don't want anyone else touching anything.
I have about 20 topics saved as drafts for newsletters and blog posts... so that's an easy one lol
Online orders are a bit trickier.. and it's been taking me a lot longer to get stuff done.
I try to get everything set up so I can go right down the line with everything. I make 40oz batch of something (lasts about a day and a half) but I won't scent it or color it.. so when I need a certain scent, all I have to do is scoop it, scent it and jar it. The only thing I can't do that with is body wash because the color and scent need to be added first.. and the chamomile and pom/acai butter aren't scented or colored either so they're just jarred right away. So anyway, bodywash... to make a scent that I don't have on hand, I gotta make a whole batch (17 oz) which gives me the 10 oz for the order, a 5 oz to try to sell and 2 oz to top off my body wash bottle :) The only thing that's getting to me is the labels. It's taking me twice as much time to get everything finished and sent out. I used to have all the orders done by 7:30 am to take to the PO but now I'm not getting there til 2pm. Hubby tried to help me with shipping labels, but that ended horribly. I NEED to do something before summer comes. I don't know how I'm gonna handle it ALL and his neice is due (pregnant) in August. I'm also out of cocoa butter til tomorrow morning and only have about enough for about 20 more oz.. so I'm praying the order gets here tomorrow early.
And yeah the kids.. :( I wish I could do more with them instead of always having the older 2 look after the younger 2.

Mary said...

Oh goodness, I'm amazed at how busy you are. Sorry about the labels :( I feel really bad since I was one of the customers who commented on them. Honestly, if they are causing you to have even LESS time then I would not worry about them. I know it has to be awesome running your own business but taking time from your own life and kids can't be fun and it makes me feel bad. As a new mother who wants to spend as much time possible with my son, I couldn't imagine doing all that work :( You are a very giving person, when you become famous you can just pay people to work while you relax!

by BB*Jayde said...

It's really not all that overwhelming until early in the morning when I'm rushing to get everything out.. The rest of the day (like now) I'm researching in one tab.. have my email box open in another tab.. my etsy in another. It's too late to mail out anymore stuff today, so whatever's left I'll do tonight when everyone's sleeping and I'm doing the stuff to give Desi to take to the market in the morning. It's mostly all stuff I had made this morning or last night.. except for the solid perfumes. I do those to order so I'm not wasting fragrance/essential oils. lol Don't feel bad about the labels! I shouldn't have been slacking on them and had an all in 1 design from the beginning instead of 2 different ones for the front and back.

Ohhh I don't think I could ever let anyone else make anything! Chad wanted to make a body wash the one night and I cringed the whole time! It's just too hard to try to explain it and ya know how when you have a certain way of doing things.. like, I have my little rituals and certain steps I take when I set everything up.. and it bugs me when that order is interrupted lol However, I definitely would NOT be opposed to hiring people to do the labeling, cleaning up and answer the customer service lines!

Mikka said...

i was the same way when i had my etsy shop. i would be running around like a chick with out a head but i didnt want no help because i wanted to be in full control of how everything operated. i think we ate microwave and take out for 7 months straight during that time.
i wanted to order a body butter but if your going to run out of it should i just wait until tomorrow to order?

by BB*Jayde said...

No, you can order that whenever :) I'm just out of cocoa butter. I can use mango instead :) I'm going to totally be out of Lactic Acid scrub probably for about 2 weeks tho :(
I ordered more lactic acid but it takes forever to get here.