Wednesday, March 24, 2010

- April Giveaway -

April's Giveaway will be a Pampering Mini Spa Basket.

One lucky winner will receive an adorable basket

Packed full 'o goodies from my Etsy Shop
Some of the items include:

          Body Butter Moisturizers

       Body Washes & Bubble Baths

     Dead Sea Mineral Bath Soaks

     Organic Raw Brown Sugar Scrub

Pure Organic Cocoa & Shea Body Butter
                Massage Bar

            Sugar Scrub Cubes

  Shaving Cream & Other Bar Soaps

    Jars of Body Butter Samples (1 oz)

That's just a few of the items that will be inside! There'll be lots more!
There will also be coupons (up to $10 off) and Gift Certificates to share with friends. You won't want to miss this!

From now until 11.59pm April  15th you can enter this giveaway. You can rack up as many entries as you'd like, there's no limit. The more you do, the more entries you gain. 

You can gain an entries by:
Posting a link to your Favorite item in my shop, along with a link to you Etsy Profile or you Email address (please use [at] instead of @ to prevent the spambots from picking up your addy ) 

Blogging about this giveaway. Your blog post must contain a link to this blog post and a link to my Etsy Shop Please post a comment with the link to your blog post

Tweet or post on Facebook about this giveaway with a link to this blog post. Please post the link to your profile in your comment here (for it to count as an entry)

Refer friends. Post the names of each friend you referred to this blog post. Each friend = 1 entry. If they enter the giveaway and mention you as a referral, you gain another entry for each friend.

Remember... This is supposed to be a fun giveaway! Please don't kill yourself over posting my links everywhere or jump thru hoops.  The last giveaway winner only had one entry ;)


kinntora said...

Wow, are you serious?! You're so sweet! Of course I'd like to enter, I'm so addicted to your products!

My favorite item thus far would have to be antioxidant moisturizer; it has made my face so soft =]


goodluck everyone!

Cari said...

I haven't ordered- yet- but I think I'd love the pore purging clay mask

kotibeth at gmail . com

Cari said...

I blogged but I really wanted to keep this a secret hehe

Gina said...

I posted the link on my blog

YAY! Crossing fingers....good luck ya'll!!!!

Gina said...

ok-I linked it to my blog, posted my blog on my FB page and twitter, and also linked your blog giveaway to my twitter and onto my facebook page! Whew-done! LOL!!!!

vjbakke said...

Here's the link to my FB page!!/valerie.bakke1

Good luck to all!

callie said...

whoops, email address: evanescentdesire[at]yahoo[dot]com

callie said...

My favorite product I have seen:

Vegan friendly, cheaper than lush, and good looking?! Yes please!

Callie said...

I also blogged about it! It wasn't any trouble at all!

Here is the link:

Callie said...

I also blogged about it! It wasn't any trouble at all!

Here is the link:

Callie said...

oh, and here's my facebook link too:!/CuriousKumquat

I want to win this! and I'm sorry for submitting so many comments. Don't hate me!

Callie said...

Referred my friend Renee

Anonymous said...

Wooo, looks epic X3

I like this product:[]=tags&includes[]=title hehe

as for whatnots Callie Referred me here so yeah ^^

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

My favorites from you shop are
This is just the greatest thing ever. Those little parentheses ( ) I had on the sides of my mouth have softened up a great deal already. Normally serums take a good 3 or 4 months of every day use to work but I notice a difference in only 3 weeks. My next favorite is in aloe and green tea scent and bamboo. Your shaving cream is nothing like i've ever used before. I haven;t gotten razor burn at all since using it and my boyfriend is so much happier now that I shave almost every day lol

My email address is

Megan said...

Brand new customer, just got my first package yesterday. Already in love with the scrub cubes. So adorable and super effective! megfleur AT gmail DOT com

Also a brand new fan on facebook, with a link to this contest!!!

LadyCallie said...

I referred Kaylyn.

Kaylyn said...

My favorite is this!

Callie referred me!

Kaylyn said...

Whoops! Email! Emmettcullenisyummy[at]gmail[dot]com

Lisa said...

I really think I am going to place an order for this conditioning shampoo

It sounds like it would be wonderful!


Phyrra said...

I love this scent.

sephyrra at gmail dot com

Lorraine said...

I love this Body Butter! My skin feels soft all day.

lorrainehofmann (at) gmail (dot) com

Lorraine said...

My blog post about the giveaway.

by BB*Jayde said...

Thanks for entering everyone!
I was a little worried that this wouldn't be a very appealing giveaway!

VanillalipBalm said...

Well I just stumbled on your shop today and felt convinced enough to order 3 products. I would love to win this because I want to try your other products!

K.Caballero said...

I'm the one whom referred Phyrra to your blog and Etsy shop!
Also my Fav item so far is the Drama Free Cleanser...It makes my face feel smooth and is working great on my acne! I'm trying to make my b/f use it to clear his, but he's too stubborn!


my email address is infinity_legacy[at]yahoo[dot]com

I ALSO wrote a note about your blog/etsy shop on my facebook and published it to my friends' pages. Here's the link to the note:

Facebook Note

My facebook profile is here (in case you need it!):
Facebook Profile

by BB*Jayde said...

Thank you Katelyn :) I was wondering who it was, but I kept forgetting to ask! Ya know.. because of her and her recommendation, I just got the most awesome mineral eye shadow I've ever used! I used up my enteire sample bags already just putting it on to work here at home just because it was so awesome lol. I mixed it with some soy butter to make it jelly like. It's pure love!

Good luck :)

K.Caballero said...

Thanks! I told Phyrra about you because I'm in love with my acne products so far. You'll most likely get a lot of business when she turns up a review...most of her blogs are what made me find a few indie companies that I am now a customer to.

Also 2 other companies to try for mineral makeup is Aromaleigh (I have about $700 in makeup invested from them!) and Fyrinnae, which is "vegan" makeup (their lip lustres are amazing!)

I have a bunch of samples from Evil Shades that I swatched but never got around to applying them...I find myself going back to Aromaleigh no matter what! xD

Gallery Juana said...

Amazing giveaway.

I've had your patchouli-sandalwood-rose body butter in my favourites for awhile and just noticed you have this blog. It's great that you have a 2oz size of it too which I'll be ordering shortly. The link to the full size is

I also have my eye on your microdermabrasion/mini peel scrubs:

my Gallery Juana etsy profile:

Soon to be Brombergs said...

Jenn Ralston said...

I am a new customer, and received my package last week. I really loved the scrub cube sample you sent! It is SO much easier to handle a cube than a jar full of liquid scrub! I will be ordering some when I place my next order!

My favorite item is the overnight acne treatment:

Within a couple days I noticed a difference! It does not dry my face out AT ALL, which is so nice!

Do you guys offer any type of sunscreen products? I am allergic to *something* in commercial sunscreens. I'd love to find an alternative.


Jenn Ralston said...

I posted a link on my Facebook as well. :)


Nicole said...

Is my favorite product (the vanilla bean body butter)

and my etsy profile is:


And i posted about this on twitter too RT

Wendy13 said...

I would love to enter!

I have yet to try any products, but i've had my eye on the sugar scrubs, specifically the coconut lime one :]

my email: misswendythirteen[at]hotmail[dot]com

vjbakke said...

I shared it on my facebook page again! Not sure if that will get me another chance but I wanted to share anyways!!/valerie.bakke1

by BB*Jayde said...

Yep! LOL that counts for another!

Toby said...

I haven't ordered yet, but I've got my eye on because I've yet to find an all-natural or mostly-natural shave product that works the way I want it to. I also plan on ordering this: because to see if it will help with my blackheads.

I've blogged about it here:

and posted it on Facebook here:

My e-mail is strawberry.carnage[@]

mylastrose said...

I can't pick a favorite. I love your products equally. However, the next item I will be getting myself is...

I need a good bubble bath and this one sounds amazing.

I blogged about your giveaway over here:

I also twittered about it:

...and I referred my friend/co-worker Karen and told my roommate Katie to enter. (She entered the last one.)

Good luck everyone!

- Nina

Email: 180_210[at]live[dot]ca

by BB*Jayde said...

Ohhh Toby! You have GOT to try a shaving cream!

LadyCallie said...!/CuriousKumquat

Posted again just now on facebook! I also blogged about you here:

A few girls even said they ordered stuff!

Toby said...

I definitely intend to! They look delish! :D

Can they be used on the face, d'you think? The bf has quickly become addicted to lovely, pretty-smelling things.

Katie said...

I love mango and mandarin..


Nina sent me your way.

by BB*Jayde said...

Yup... they're good for facial use as well. I actually have a few scents for guys. My hubby likes the drakkar noir scent the best.

mikkayla said...

my favorite items from your shop are
definately the shaving cream . i will never use anything else to shave ever again

and the body butter bars. they are better than lush bars and yours don't get gritty like a lot of them tend to do

my email address is

Valerie said...

When will the winner be posted?

Katie said...


I forgot to add the number 13; oops.

by BB*Jayde said...

I'm gonna assign numbers tonight and then hopefully get it thru either tonight or tomorrow morning :)

by BB*Jayde said...

Okkkk.... Here are the numbers

kinntora 1
Cari 2
Cari 3
Gina 4
Gina 5
Gina 6
vjbakke 7
callie 8
Callie 9
Callie 10
Callie 11

This person is # 11 Anonymous said...
Wooo, looks epic X3

I like this product:[]=tags&includes[]=title hehe

as for whatnots Callie Referred me here so yeah ^^

12 Anonymous
My email address is
Megan 13
Megan 14
LadyCallie 15
Kaylyn 16
Lisa 17
Phyrra 18
Lorraine 19
Lorraine 20
VanillalipBalm 21
K.Caballero 22
K.Caballero 23
K.Caballero 24
Gallery Juana 25
Soon to be Brombergs 26
Jenn Ralston said... 27
Jenn Ralston 28
Nicole 29
Redsnoopy1977 30
Wendy13 - 31
vjbakke 32
Toby 33
toby 34
toby 35
Nina 26
nina 37
nina 38
LadyCallie 39
Katie 40
mikkayla 41