Monday, February 15, 2010

Sammy's Sanctuary

This section is dedicated to Sammy's Sanctuary.

Samuel Phinnaeus Snipes

Sammy's Sanctuary is a project that Chad and I have started to help rescue stray, abandoned and/or abused animals.

Sammy is our Blue Seal Siamese that we adopted from a kind soul named Keith who had turned his sub urban home into a cat rescue.  Sammy was rescued from a man who was deployed to Iraq and ended up having to stay much longer than expected. Sammy was just a 10 week old kitten was he was left completely alone to fend for himself. He was completely mauled. His owner had him totally declawed, front and back. He was left alone in a house without food, water or companionship and had to survive by trying to get water from any source he could (toilets & faucets) and killed insects to eat for food. When he was brought to Keith's house, he was the smallest cat there and since he was totally declawed, he was defenseless against the other cats who often picked on him.
When we went to Keith's house to see his cats, we found Sammy hiding in the back yard under an upside-down kiddie swimming pool. He was absolutely terrified and so pathetic looking... we just HAD to bring him home.
It took about 2 years of constant love and attention (this means spending many nights laying on the bathroom floor with him) to get him to come around. He's a completely different kitty now. He loves to lay on us and knead his paws into our shirts and play with his little mouse toys. He's learned to eat from a dish, but still will not drink from a bowl, so water must be left running for him to drink.. He's an excellent hunter. If there's a bug within our 1500 square foot downstairs area, he'll find that sucker and kill it! He just found a lady bug in our chandelier a week ago that we never would've noticed!

After getting Sammy, we decided that we need to do something for the other pets out there like Sammy. This is why we decided to start Sammy's Sanctuary. We have a large family and limited space (plus the kids and I have allergies) so having a ton of animals in our home isn't practical (altho I wish we could ) So, we decided that we are going to build on our property and house these animals there where they would receive care and medical services.

As our project progresses, we'll post updates here.
Check back soon to see pictures and bio's of our latest rescue... Dashel.


PussDaddy said...

I had a meeser named Sammy too. One of the best cats I ever had. I sure do miss him.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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PussDaddy said...

Also I wanted to say that usualy military people are not like this, they are responsible. It is sad this kitty was left like this but I am so glad you took him in. He looks like a great cat.


mvegan said...

This is so inspiring to see! ;0) Thank you for rescuing Sammy and other animals, they are lucky to have you, and we are so happy to have you in EFA! Michele

Sarah said...

What a wonderful way to help animals in need! Thank you for doing this!