Thursday, June 17, 2010

To my Pregnant Divas... PLEASE be careful this summer!

It's finally summer time... Everyone has been waiting for some well deserved va-cay time.
Some will be going to the beach, some camping in the mountains.. some to the awesome cabanas in Mexico with the swim up bars *coughtGina&MaryBcough*

Whatever you plan to do this summer.. have fun by all means. BUT if you're pregnant...  you may want to reconsider your trip.. especially if it's farther than an hour away.

Our niece Desiree, some of you know and have dealt with her when we had Paypal yet.. is 31 weeks pregnant.
She was taken to the hospital via ambulance last night around 9pm because she's been having horrible leg pain (and swelling) She first went to the ER on Tuesday morning, but they sent her home and told her the baby was laying on her sciatic nerve... Well, she went back yesterday morning and was there all day... then we get the call around 8:30pm that we need to go over there to pick up Steve (her partner) to take him to Allentown (bigger hospital) because they are sending her down via ambulance to another hospital and he can't ride along. She went on to tell us that the swelling and pain in her leg was due to a huuuuugh blood clot. But, not just ANY blood clot, but a "bunch" (more than 60) of blood clots that have formed a huge mass in her leg and has now traveled up  her thigh.  It's so big that they can't see the whole thing on an ultrasound. They can see where it begins, but they can't see where it ends.

As of tonight she (and the baby) are stable, but she's in a ton of pain. She's on some pretty heft pain killers that should have knocked her out, but she's still wide away screaming in pain and obviously extremely scared (she's only 19) We have no idea WHAT is gonna happen :(
They've given her some Heparin.. I read online that it'll dissolve the clot, but the doctor said it will not, it'll only keep new ones from forming, I guess the game plan is to just monitor her, monitor the baby and make sure this clot doesn't break apart and travel up to her heart or lungs... and if it does, they're gonna hurry up and take the baby and then work on the clot/s.

The moral of the story is....  The doctor is suspecting that the clot/s formed last week when she was sitting in a car for 4 + hours when she was on her way to the beach with her friends in Maryland.
I never once considered that or even thought anything of it at the time...
It's strongly advised that pregos do NOT fly or sit for long car rides because of the possibility of a blood clot forming. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reschedule your vacations.. or maybe book one closer to home.
I hope to God nobody else ever has to go thru this. I'm scared to the point that I'm sick.. I couldn't imagine what a 19 year old (prego with her first baby) must feel like... in the hospital knowing that at any second this could kill her and/or her baby... and there's absolutely NOTHING they can do. The doctor said her body might fight it.. I can see maybe if it were ONE clot.. but not a huge mass that can't even be detected in it's entirety on an ultrasound because it's so huge!
What's even worse is there is absolutely NOTHING we can do but wait and hope that the clots don't move... or the baby hurries his lil butt up and matures so they can get him out and get this taken care of.

So, once again... please! Be extremely careful.. stop every half hour- hour and walk a little.. or massage your legs.. something! Don't let this happen to you!


Desi is home! She still has the massive clot and is still having a hard time getting around, but she's being monitored and on Heparin 3x a day. She only has a couple weeks left so hopefully they'll fly by.

Thank you for all the prayers!

Here she is visiting with BB the weekend before she left.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hidradenitis Suppurativa,

HS is also known as 'Acne Inversa.' HS is a non-contagious, recurrent skin disease usually found in inverse areas of the body, or those places where there is skin-to-skin contact (armpits, groin, breasts, buttocks, etc.) and around hair follicles where apocrine sweat glands are located. HS is characterized by a progression from boil-like, cyst-type or abscess-like lesions to non-inflamed, hard lumps to painful, rounded deep-seated inflamed lesions with subsequent scarring and chronic seepage (suppuration --- hence the name).

These hard lumps occur under the skin and may be as large as baseballs in some people. They are very painful to the touch and may persist for years with occasional to frequent periods of inflammation. Inflamed lumps lead to extensive draining and the development of sinus tracts, or tunnels under the skin, which heal slowly or not at all and can lead to further inflammation and lumps; bacterial infections are possible at these sites. The HS sites can be painful and the pain can occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for HS sufferers during flareups. The sites can have drainage, which may have a foul odor.

The pain, the drainage and the odor can often limit activities and cause depression so that people often do not or cannot work, or even go out in public. Most often, HS goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years. The patient ends up in a very expensive and exhausting futile search for help. So not only is the patient dealing with a painful problem – they are following a trail of useless treatments. The pain pushes the patient to seek relief, only to be met with failure. The stress from the building sense of hopelessness – exacerbating the pain, depleting funds and ultimately can result in depression. In addition to depression, there are many other physical and psychological impacts and effects HS can have on a person.

There is currently no successful treatment or research for HS
For more information go to :

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attention all you creative people!

I've been debating this contest for a while now.. I think I'm going to take the plunge :)

Everyday Diva needs YOU and your creativity!
I know there's lot of it out there! I am looking for some designs to have printed on T-Shirts.
They can be anything from an image.. so just plain text... or a combo of both.... Anything catchy :)
These T-Shirts will be sold, with 100% of the proceeds going towards charities.

Designs should:
Not include any copyrighted or trademarked material
Reflect our company and have a diva-esque feel to them. What would a diva want to wear?
Include our URL somewhere -

Here is some info to help, but doesn't necessarily have to contain any of this
Our Color Scheme : pink, white & black
Fonts used on labels: Scriptina & AR Bonnie

Entries can be submitted to: until July 30th and should be submitted as a high resolution image in any image format (jpg, gif, tiff etc.)

We will select 2 of our favorite designs to use (designs become property of  BBJAYDE LLC.)
and will make them all available for everyone to vote for as well :)

1st place: $100.00 plus a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Everyday Diva + Advertising (if applicable)
2nd place: $50.00 plus a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Everyday Diva + Advertising

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I can't wait to see what you all come up with :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Everyday Diva Fragrance Guide

Overwhelmed at the looooong list of scent to choose from? Not sure which ones you'd like.. or maybe you're sensitive to fragrance and are afraid of having a reaction?
I'll break it down for you :)

Current list of available scents
♥ Amazing Grace* (Philosophy Fragrance Oil)
♥ Aloe & Green Tea
♥ Apricot & Chamomile
♥ Baby Scent
♥ Baby Buttermilk (Burt's Bees - vanilla, peach, violet)
♥ Bay Rum (Smells like Old Spice)
♥ Blush Blossoms- (DKNY Fresh Blossoms Type Fragrance Oil)
♥ Bergamot Coriander
♥ Black Amber Musk
♥ Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy* ( Fragrance Oil )
♥ Chamomile
♥ Chamomile & Neroli
♥ Chocolate Indulgence
♥ Coconut Lime Verbena
♥ Cool Water* ( Men's Fragrance Oil)
♥ Coconut Cream
♥ Cucumber Melon
♥ Drakkar Noir (Men's Fragrance Oil)
♥ Enchanted Orchid
♥ Fresh Bamboo
♥ Fresh Ginger Lime
♥ Fresh Lavender
♥ Forbidden Indulgence (exotic fruits & florals)
♥ Grapefruit Citrus
♥ Honey Almond
♥ Hawaiian Tropic
♥ Juicy Watermelon 
♥ Lime Cooler 
♥ Lemon Sugar
♥ Lemongrass Sage
♥ Lovespell* (Victoria's Secret Fragrance Oil)
♥ Madagascar (Vanilla & Ylang Ylang Essential oils)
♥ Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
♥ Orange Cinnamon Clove
♥ Pink Hibiscus 
♥ Pomegranate Sage
♥ Raspberry Lemonade
♥ Sandalwood Rose
♥ Strawberry Patch
♥ Sweet Pea
♥ Strawberries & Champagne
♥ Chocolate Cherries
♥ Patchouli 
♥ Vanilla
♥ Vanilla Pear
♥ Sea Island Cotton
♥ Cinnamon & Clove Buds
♥ Apple Jack & Orange Peel
♥ Appleberry Spice
♥ Blueberry Cobbler
♥ Candy Kisses (smells like candy..?)
♥ Spiced Pear
♥ Jamaican Sunset
♥ Fresh Lilac
♥ White Tea & Ginger
♥ Rosemary Mint
♥ Pina Colada
♥ Peony
♥ Rice Flower & Shea* (BBW Fragrance Oil - Reminds me of a sweeter version of Baby Buttermilk)
♥ Tahitian Tiare (exotic gardenia type of scent)
♥ Stress Relief (essences of: lavender, clary sage, juniperberry, laurel leaf, coriander, mandarin, amber, sandalwood, jasmine, clove) 

♥ Bergamot
♥ Jasmine
♥ Peach Blossom
♥ Plumeria
♥ Mandarin
♥ Mother Earth (spicy incense type scent)
♥ Oak Moss
♥ Orange Blossom
♥ Tangerine
♥ Waterlilly Jasmine
♥ Vanilla Lavender
♥ Honeysuckle
♥ Tahiti Tropic (mango & papaya)
♥ Peppermint
♥ Nag Champa 
♥ Atlantis (a "blue" ocean-ey/Caribean type scent"
♥ Euphoria (Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose essential oil blend)
♥ Zodiac Scents

With the exception of those marked as fragrance oils, a majority of these fragrances are naturally derived petrol & phalate free fragrance oils in a coconut oil base or they are essential oils.. These are typically safe for every skin type and are 100% natural. This doesn't mean that they may not cause a reaction to those with sensitive skin.. We'll get into that further down. Let's talk about fragrance selection.

Fragrances are usually a combo of a couple different "notes" You can view the different types and their class HERE But first, let's dissect my list of scents and categorize them. Some scents may appear in more than one category.

Perfum-ey type scents (mainly floral)
If you like one of these scents, then you will like them all

Amazing Grace 
Mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot; middle notes are freesia,
 jasmine and rose; base notes are and musk.

Blush Blossoms (DKNY Fresh Blossoms)
 Grapefruit combined with French black currant buds. 
 Peach zest, floral accords of lily of the valley, 
rose, jasmine and a hint of apple. 

Love Spell (VS)
Peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine

Pink Sugar
This is probably one of the top selling scents. I love it blended with Warm Vanilla Sugar & Coconut Cream
Bergamot, Sicilian orange and green nuance of fig leaves. 
In the heart, a thin lily of the valley note enjoys the company of liquorice blossom and red fruits. 
The gourmand drydown is composed of vanilla, caramel, woodsy and musky notes

Fresh Scents
This category has sub categories.

If you like "white or blue"  scents that are crisp and fresh 

Sea Island Cotton - LOVE this one! But, I don't recommend it for those with allergies/sensitivities or extremely sensitive skin because it may not agree with you. I've gotten a little rash every time I've used it, but then again I also went a little overboard with the scent.
Pear leaf, bloody orange, tangerine, clear floral accords, cotton aroma, a breeze of fresh air, green pear and tangerine. The heart is composed of lily-of-the-valley, orange blossom, water cyclamen, cotton blossom, freesia and jasmine, while the base contains white musk, powder, sandalwood and vanilla.

Bay Rum Fragrance Oil : ozone, jasmine, muguet, lemon and rum. Mid notes of pungent floral, lilac, rose, carnation, lavender, cedar wood and balsam. Patchouli and vanilla

Bay Rum Essential Oil: Lavender, cedar, cypress, bergamot,  balsam patchouli

White Tea & Ginger : This is more of a clean cotton scent. Notes arewhite tea blends well with clean florals and spicy ginger.

Cool Water (men's) citrus, floral and herbaceous notes. Bergamot, fresh lime, orange and lemon top notes. Middle notes consist of sage, muguet, lilac and a lingering lavender. The base notes are classic jasmine with the depth of patchouli, amber and musk.

White Water Rapids: To make this fragrance, I've blended White Tea & Sea Island Cotton. It's a zesty scent that's really fresh.. like a rush of white water.

Atlantis: This is a cross between Bay Rum and Sea Island Cotton

Fresh "Green" scents

Coconut Lime Verbena: Zesty citrus meets fresh eucalyptus and sweet coconut. Top notes of sparkling lemon, lime and grapefruit. Mid notes of jasmine, eucalyptus and a ripe peach that meld into a  coconut musk base

Bamboo: Very pretty and light, fresh scent. One of my favorites! Golden Bamboo, Night blooming Jasmine & Fresh Grasses

Aloe & Green Tea: Fresh herbal Green, melon, Floral Jasmine, Muguet, Lily
, Clover

Fresh Ginger Lime: Another one I really like! It doesn't smell anything like ginger or lime really
Citrus mix with fragrant ginger. Top notes of zesty lime, muguet, crisp apple, grape and tangy grapefruit. Floral mid notes of jasmine, rose and lilac. Ripe plum, luscious peach, ginger and a whisper of camphor. A light musk at the base 

Cucumber Melon: Everyone know this scent! It's cucumber and melon :) One of my all time favorites!

Lime Cooler: This reminds me a little if Irish Spring soap with hints of Lime
It's VERY fresh! I use this for laundry detergent and Chad's body wash/deodorant. 
Fresh floral, ozone, lime and apple. Mid notes of eucalyptus, lilac, and gardenia. Base notes of coconut, powder and vanilla

Lemongrass Sage: Another favorite of mine! You can't detect the sage in this really. I like to mix it with grapefruit!  :  A fresh clean perfectly balanced mixture of lemongrass and sage essential oils. 

Green Clover: When I hear "Green Clover" I think of "Irish Spring" soap. It's nothing like that! This is a sweet floral scent : sweet clover and dewy green grass and crisp fresh cut flowers with a hint of sheer white musk

Citrus Scents
Bergamot Coriander: This is a fresh, almost lemoney type of scent. Coriander gives it a little kick. I like to blend it with vanilla to warm it up a little. Almost all of my favorite perfumes have bergamot as a top note.

Lemon Sugar:  A blend of lemon and vanilla. Reminds me of a lemon sugar cookie

Grapefruit Citrus: This is a bitter grapefruit scent, but VERY energizing and uplifting. It blends well with Lemongrass & Sage, Bergamot Coriander, Pink Hibiscus (surprisingly) Ginger Lime and many others.

Fresh Orange: Smells like fresh squeezed Orange Juice. I like to blend it with Vanilla to make Oranges & Cream.

Mandarin: This is a warmer citrus scent. I like to blend it with madagascar vanilla and other exotic citruses


Fruity Scents
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberry Patch
Very Cherry
Juicy Watermelon
Raspberry Lemonade
Apricot - Very sweet and pretty. Love blending it with Chamomile
Fruit Punch - aka- Jungle Juice - Cherry, Strawberry, Orange & Watermelon
Pina Colada: Coconut & Pineapple
Candy Kisses- This is like a cherry or strawberry candy type scent
Also has sub categories

Group 1 - Flower Scents 
Fresh Lavender: Lavender essential oil. Not a sweet frilly type, but more of the mediciney type scent.
I just found out (from experimenting) that this blends amazingly well with the "Baby Buttermilk" scent!

Chamomile: Smells like fresh Chamomile Leaves

Chamomile & Neroli - This is a different scent. It's a little bitter. I can't quite explain it. If you like the benefits of Chamomile but not the scent, this is a wonderful alternative

Fresh Lilac
Hibiscus (not pink hibiscus) blends well with other florals
Tahitian Tiare- This is a very nice gardenia type of scent
Sandalwood Rose: Absolutely beautiful! It's very soft and romantic
Sweet Baby Scent-  More of a baby powder scent, but with rose & lavender
Sunflowers: Bergamot, Sandalwood, Peach blossom & Orange blossom

Group 2 - This is the more exotic or frou frou - girlie type scents and are among my favorites!
If you like one, you're sure to love the rest!

Enchanted Orchid -  I LOVE this! It's so exotic: An oriental floral fragrance - water lily;  violet and orchid; amber, musk and heliotrope.

Pink Hibiscus - A "bubble gum pink" type of floral fragrance. Very pretty!

Plumeria - Similar to Enchanted Orchid. This is a Bath & Body Works classic and another favorite.


Waterlily Jasmine: This is soo nice! It gives the Jasmine a little kick
Euphoria:  Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose essential oil blend. This is my current favorite and what I'm using in my personal products.

Sweet Pea -sweet pea blossom with watery pear aromas, rhubarb, violet, plum, red apple and bergamot. The heart follows with cyclamen, blue freesia, raspberry, Madonna lily and orange blossom, drying down to the base of musk, sandalwood and heliotrope


Exotic type Scents

Hawaiian Tropic: This is your typical coconutty scent, but without the annoying banana tutti fruity. One of the best sellers. It's supposed to be just like the tanning lotion.

Tahiti Tropic: Mango, Papaya and mandarin. If you've ever ordered a firming butter from me, chances are that I've used a little of this to scent it.

Pina Colada: Coconut & Pineapple

Orange Blossom & Madagascar Vanilla- Another firming butter scent. These 2 scents were meant to be blended. They're just incredible!

Tahitian Tiare: Exotic gardenia type of scent
Forbidden Fruit: Exotic fruits and florals. Tropical, but sweet and soft. 

Dessert Type Scents
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Honey Almond
Chocolate Cherries
Vanilla Butter Cream
Coconut Cream
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberries & Cream
Orange Creamsicle
Candy Kisses- Hard to explain this one.. it's like candy?

Warm scents and Spicy scents
Warm Vanilla Sugar (vanilla musk)
Baby Buttermilk (vanilla, peach and violet- like Burt's Bees)
Cinnamon Clove Buds 
Orange Cinnamon Clove
Nag Champa - incense type scent, but mellow
Drakkar (men's)
Sandalwood Rose 
Spiced Pear
Rice Flower & Shea - smells almost like baby buttermilk, but a little sweeter and with more vanilla
Madagascar Vanilla - A blend of natural vanilla dn ylang ylang essential oils

This is a work in progress.. I will be adding more :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

What is Keratosis Pilaris???


This blog post is intended for information purposes only. My PHD in internet doctorhood (is that a word?) is not a substitute for medical care and is not a medical professional opinion. You should always consult a real doctor and get a proper diagnosis before starting any treatments.

I have an enormous amount of customers who suffer from this condition. I had no idea it was SO common! I would say that maybe 1 out of every 3 convos that I get on Etsy is from someone who is looking for something to help with their Keratosis Pilaris.

Perhaps you or someone you know may also have this condition and not even know about it!

Keratosis Pilaris
Keratosis pilaris (AKA-  follicular keratosis) is a very common genetic follicular condition that is manifested by the appearance of rough bumps on the skin. It most often appears on the back and outer sides of the upper arms (though the lower arms can also be affected), and can also occur on the thighs,hands, and tops of legs, flanks, buttocks, or any body part except glabrous skin (like the palms or soles of feet). Less commonly, lesions appear on theface, which may be mistaken for acne

Worldwide, KP affects an estimated 40% of the adult population and approximately 50%-80% of all adolescents. It is more common in women than in men. While KP resembles goose bumps, it is characterized by the appearance of small rough bumps on the skin. As a result, many people with keratosis pilaris do not know they have it, and it is often confused with acne.

There are several different types of keratosis pilaris, including :
keratosis pilaris rubra (red, inflamed bumps which can be on arms, head, legs), 
keratosis pilaris alba (rough, bumpy skin with no irritation), 
keratosis pilaris rubra faceii (reddish rash on the cheeks), and related disorders.
Keratosis follicularis (Darier Disease) aka lichen pilaris, or follicular xeroderma:
conditions in which abnormal keratinization (failure of skin to desquamate properly) is
limited to the hair follicles, manifesting itself as discrete, tiny follicular papules (solid,
usually conical elevations)

Ulerythema ophryogenes  involvement of the outer eyebrows

Atrophoderma vermiculata  severe worm-eaten appearance of the cheeks

Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans a rare familial variant which results in bald
areas on the scalp and eyebrows

Lichen spinulosus  solitary or multiple patches of follicular papules topped with scaly
spines on any part of the body

Symptoms and signs

Keratosis pilaris occurs when the human body produces excess keratin, a natural protein in the skin. The excess keratin, which is cream colored, surrounds and entraps the hair follicles in the pore. This causes the formation of hard plugs (process known as hyperkeratinization). Bearing only cosmetic consequence, the condition most often appears as a proliferation of tiny hard bumps that are seldom sore or itchy. Though people with keratosis pilaris experience this condition year-round, it is during the colder months, when moisture levels in the air are lower, that the problem can become exacerbated and the goose bumps are apt to look and feel more pronounced in color and texture.
Many KP bumps contain an ingrown hair that has coiled. This is a result of the keratinized skin's "capping off" the hair follicle, preventing the hair from exiting. The hair grows encapsulated inside the follicle.


Typically the first choice of treatment would be a Lactic or Glycolic Acid Peel. AHAs are normally more gentle on the skin. Lactic acid is my choice because it's so much more gentle than Glycolic acid.
 I make my Lactic Acid scrubs and creams at 12%. You can go as high as 25% but the FDA (and my insurance) will not allow me to go over 15% without having to go thru a bunch of red tape. I will not make anything over 12% for sale because there is too high of a chance that it could be misused and end horribly. I recommend first speaking with a doctor about treatment options.

Other treatment options include:

Exfoliation, intensive moisturizing cremes, lac-hydrin, creams, and lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids and urea may be used to temporarily improve the appearance and texture of affected skin.
Beta hydroxy acids may help improve the appearance and texture of the afflicted skin. Milk baths may provide some cosmetic improvement due to their containing lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid in milkSunlight may be helpful in moderation. Coconut oil may also be helpful if applied to afflicted areas while in the shower. Scratching and picking at KP bumps causes them to redden, and, in many cases, will cause bleeding.

Creams containing the acid form of vitamin ATretinoin, have been shown to help. Most commonly sold under the trade name Retin-A, it is a topical retinoid medically approved in the treatment of acne. This medicine works by causing the outer layer of the skin to grow more rapidly, decreasing the amount of the keratin in the skin. As a result, the surface layer of the skin becomes thinner and pores are less likely to become blocked, reducing the occurrence of symptoms related to acne. While keratosis pilaris is not acne, some believe this action may be of benefit to those with KP as well.

An alternative is the prescription medication Triamcinolone. Most commonly sold under the trade name Aristocort, Triamcinolone is a synthetic corticosteroid, compounded as a cream, which has been medically approved as an anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of eczema. As the action responsible for alleviating eczema symptoms is, as with retinoid creams, the reduction amount of keratin in pores, the effect of Triamcinolone on KP is expected to be similar.
As with Triamcinolone, Tretinoin or any other treatment, once therapy is discontinued, the condition reverts to its original state. However, skin treated with Tretinoin may take several weeks or more to revert to its pre-treatment condition, but may, at the same time, take several weeks or more to show optimal results, with the condition commonly worsening initially, as underlying keratin is brought to the surface of the skin. Tretinoin is considerably more expensive and dispensed in smaller quantities than Triamcinolone and other treatments. Although it may be the most effective treatment for keratosis pilaris, it is not considered the first line of treatment
The condition is often dismissed outright by practitioners as being presently untreatable, giving mere moisturizing suggestions or reassurance that the condition will improve or cease with age, typically after 30. Ignorance, accompanied with the price, availability, quantity dispensed, time taken for optimal results to be achieved, more serious side-effects, adverse reactions, and worsening of the condition in the initial treatment phase - coupled with the cheaper, safer, and easier availability of other treatments - has hindered Tretinoin from showing its potential in the treatment of this condition.
Sulfur has been used for skin treatment predating modern medicine. Sulfur soaps, lotions, and exfoliants have been used successfully for treating KP. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) supplements used with some success often require dosage as high as 25g per day. Side effects can include thickening of hair and nails, and pale skin.